Refugee migration catastrophic-US

By Wallen Simwaka in New York

THE United States of America (USA) has described the large movement of refugees and migrants as a catastrophic global humanitarian crisis requiring the shared responsibility of nations to stop the scourge in a more humane manner.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has since called an end to wars and violent extremism to avert the global crisis of refugees and migrants.

Mr Kerry said people who desperately needed new homes should be able to be given the opportunity to find a place to safely live with easy access to school, health care and food.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly 71st session on Monday on the large movements of refugees and migrants, the US Secretary of State said there was need for the world to end wars and violent extremism which had escalated the crisis of refugees and migrants across the globe.

He said the US working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had resettled more refugees than all countries in the world put together.

He, however, stated that the gap between the amount of money the US had to take care of the needs of refugees and migrants and the funds it was looking for was enormous, hence the need for nations to take collective responsibility on mitigating the challenges of citizens seeking asylum.

“The large movement of refugees and migrants has become a global humanitarian crisis or a catastrophe.

The responsibility of dealing with the crisis should be shared by all nations and we must begin by ending wars and violent extremism to avert the crisis of refugees,” Mr Kerry said.

He observed that the plight of the internally displaced was not the same as that of refugees and that the US had settled more refugees in the UN than any other country in the world.

Mr Kerry said it was becoming increasingly imperative that money meant for refugees and migrants should be concentrated where it would do the most good.

He said special needs for women and children refugees should be taken care of and that the need to create more opportunities for refugees should be supported by all nations.

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