Court explains  virginity ‘damage’


A LUSAKA local court has explained that virginity damage is having sex with a woman or girl who has not slept with any other man without their  parents’ consent even if she does not become pregnant.

Magistrate Peggy Nyambe, sitting with Magistrate Ng’andu Mukuka at Matero Local Court, said this when she made a ruling in a case in which Mike Mumpinga, 20, a Grade 11 pupil of Kaunda Square was sued by Peter Chipepa, 61, of Mandevu compound for deflowering and impregnating his daughter, Nelia, 18.

Chipepa told the court that he discovered that his daughter was pregnant last year who quickly pointed at Mumpinga as being responsible.

He explained that when the two families sat Mumpinga admitted sleeping with Nelia once but denied being responsible for her pregnancy because she delayed to inform him.

Chipepa explained that when the matter came up in court Mumpinga maintained not being responsible for the pregnancy but admitted sleeping with Nelia once and was consequently charged K8,000 damages.

Chipepa said that before the money could be paid he received a notice of appeal from the magistrate’s court which referred the matter back to the same local court.

In defence, Mumpinga said that they were just friends with Nelia but that in October last year they made love once and stopped communicating.

He was therefore surprised when in March 2016 Nelia called to inform him that she was pregnant.

Nelia testified that Mumpinga was her boyfriend and that they started the relationship in October 2015, adding that they made love on January 1, 2016.

She explained that she did not know that she was pregnant and started feeling dizzy in May 2016 and when she went to the clinic she was found to be four months pregnant.

Magistrate Nyambe said that Nelia had maintained that she did not sleep with any other man apart from Mumpinga and the latter admitted making love to her once.

She ordered Mumpinga to compensate Chipepa with the same K8,000 he was charged in monthly instalments of K200 since he was still at school and urged him to abstain from illicit sex.


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