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Post, where are the foreign voters?


I am disappointed by the Post Newspaper for not taking up the challenge of exposing the so called foreign voters.  They claimed to have had interviewed the Malawian voters and they know them including where the voters live. Why didn’t the Post take the police there? M.K. Ndola


Initiate player recruitment process


I wish to stress the need for FAZ president to look into the issue of the player recruitment process. For instance, Brazil football team, they select a list of players that can represent the nation, giving the list to the head coach who then instructs his technical team to scout the players if they suit the type of playing the coach wants. Why can’t we do the same?  Future coach


Gospel music must be inspirational


Kings Malembe Malembe’s music sounds more like entertainment. This kind of music cannot minister God’s word. It can only entertain the people. This young man should be reminded that gospel music is not all about making a lot of money, but ministering to the masses out there. As a gospel artist, you should sing songs that can minister to lost souls and those that have the desire to know their personal saviour. Kings should learn to read the Bible and he should spend time in prayers. Making money is good because you have a family that needs your care but you should know that maintaining integrity is very important. When writing songs, try to consult widely the likes of B.J. Ngosa, Suwilanji, Karen, Mweshi Mulusa, Roberto Mwanza, Ephraim Mutalange. Lastly, Kings should stop singing at political rallies and campaigning for politicians. It is not healthy for a Christian. Kennedy Munyemesha


Women politicians saluted


Patriotic Front should identify more women and youths. Many women and youths harbour political ambitions but they usually don’t have a platform to be adopted. I want to advice youths and women who want to enter the political arena to have necessary qualifications because the current situation calls for that. Let’s stop complaining about the grade 12 certificate clause but ensure that they acquire qualifications if they have to remain relevant in politics. Lastly, I want to salute women in politics like Dora Siliya, Maureen Mwanawasa, Margret Mwanakatwe, Nkandu Luo, Mutinta Mazoka, Princess Kasune Zulu and Patricia Mwashingwele etc. Bravo Mr President



Congratulations Edgar Chagwa Lungu on your re-election as president of this great nation. My appeal to you is to kindly choose vibrant men and women who will help you realise your dreams. I suppose you have assessed who is for you and who is against you .Remember the cartel is out to frustrate you. Be strong always. God is in control. Rodgers


Evil versus Good


I want all educated Zambians to know that the concluded spiritual battle here in Zambia was between good and evil, between God and Satan, between God’s elect and the serpent’s apostles. 2 Corinthians 11: 12- 15 says, ‘who are wild religious animals the Lord God had made, (Gen 3: 1, the battle is between illuminati and the ignorant masses. God’s time is always best. Diviasion F.K.C


LAZ lost credibility


LAZ says the decision by the UPND leader HH, to go to High Court over the party’s dismissed petition before the ConCourt is based on the provision of the due process of the law. LAZ vice president Eddie Mwitwa has said that the jurisdiction now remains with the High Court to determine whether the action by the UPND is properly filed to be sustained. Mr. Mwitwa, however, said LAZ will study the claims on the document and later give a proper interpretation on the decision by the UPND and the legality of the process. Citizen


Prime Minister on Paper


A well-known finished clergyman, prior to the August 11th general elections was uttering any word that came to his mouth. The chap even went to the extent of supporting violence which was being perpetrated by his party cadres. Congratulations on becoming the first ever Prime Minister of the Republic on paper. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. Ask for forgiveness and God is merciful and just to forgive you. Spencer Williams, Kabulonga

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