We need youthful Cabinet, Osborne advises PF govt


ZAMBIA needs a youthful Cabinet that will pay special attention to education, health, agriculture and the financial sector, says former Copperbelt Show Society chairman Bill Osborne.

Mr Osborne said the performance of the PF government in the last five years was not bad, but that it needed to give special consideration to those sectors in the next five years.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Osborne said now that the Constitutional Court has dismissed the UPND petition, the PF government should plan properly for the good of the nation.

Zambians regardless of their political, religious or tribal affiliation should work together in addressing the challenges facing the country.

“As the PF government starts its second tenure of office following the victory of President Lungu on August 11 and the court ruling, I wish to urge the PF government to give special consideration to the education, health, agriculture and financial sectors in the next five years of its tenure of office.

“The performance of the PF government in the last five years was not bad, but as usual in life you continue improving in areas where you did not perform well. So we expect the PF government to refine its agricultural policies and also look at better ways of empowering the people and also job creation,” said Mr Osborne.

Mr Osborne also said he expected President Lungu to appoint a Cabinet of young and intelligent men and women who would be conversant with their respective ministries.

“It is not only being young and intelligent, but also conversant with the job within the ministry where somebody has been appointed in. For example, a person with knowledge in agriculture should be appointed to serve in the Ministry of Agriculture.

“We would like to see a Cabinet of new crop of ministers. However those ministers who performed well in the previous administration should be retained,” he said.

He also said the central government should work closely with local government to improve infrastructure development and service delivery.

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