LAZ must be replaced, says ZRP


By Nation Reporter

The disgraced and compromised LAZ which is participating in schemes to scandalize and disparage the judiciary and the executive to support the opposition should be disbanded.

“WE cannot continue to tolerate the arrogance driven by the cartel using the legal body to fight the government in a bid to settle their scores,” Zambia Republic party president Wright Musoma has charged.

He was disappointed that even professional lawyers were mute, while witnessing the abuse of the legal body that was supposed to be a guide to the Zambian people.

It was disgraceful; he said that LAZ was now being party to a multiplicity of legal actions of nuisance value targeted at the head of the Judiciary in a bid to scandalize and abuse the system.

Shameful, incompetent and thoughtless applications were being made in courts of law for the sole purpose of bring the Judiciary and executive into disrepute.

Mr Musoma said it was not fair for the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to be used as tool to fight the government at the expense of protecting the will of the Zambian people.

Mr Musoma suggested that once the elect President settled in the office, the constitution be amended so that another professional legal body be constituted to serve the interests of the Zambian people.

“It is no longer disputed that LAZ  was  engaged in all this ‘pettiness’ to frustrate the efforts of the Government because they were people who wanted to settle their interests, and expecting the body to be objective is a share waste of time.” he said.

He said the opposition UPND lost the 2016 election and had for several times rejected by the people of Zambia, adding that it was shocking that LAZ was supporting lawlessness at the expense of the Zambian people’s interests.

Mr Musoma said LAZ was in a state of mistrust, and therefore it would be prudent that another legal body be formed whose structures would comprise of lawyers who were trusted by society.

“If LAZ was fair enough, they could have advised the UPND on the legal suite, but instead they have allowed themselves to be used by the cartel on the interests best known to themselves, and who can believe their credibility now,” he said.

Mr Musoma advised the legal body to go and discipline unprofessional conduct of some lawyers representing the opposition UPND and stop meddling on issues that were bound to delay the country’s development.

And Pentecostal Church Bishop Alick Malama says LAZ has lost credibility because it appears to be compromised and therefore, there is need for another legal body to replace it.

Bishop Malama said LAZ appeared compromised and many Zambians were now suspicious of the organisation, adding that no one could allow such a body to be in a state of mistrust.

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