Nevers mocking Namwala displaced families


NEVERS Mumba has offended Zambians for mocking the families that were violently displaced by suspected UPND cadres who were protesting the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the last general elections, Paradius Sakala has said.

Mr Sakala, who is Sinda district commissioner, said that it was sacrilegious for Dr Mumba to mock the vulnerable who needed his prayers.

He said while the world was watching with horror how the violence erupted in some parts of the country, Dr Mumba was taking pleasure and mocking the families in Namwala being camped at a Secondary School after their homes were burned down and other properties damaged.

Mr Sakala said Dr Mumba should seek forgiveness from God for casting a blind eye at the sufferings of the many families in Namwala because of his miscued political ambitions.

Mr Sakala said it was appalling for Dr Mumba who was expected to pray and sympathise with the displaced families to resort to mocking them purely for political expediency.

Mr Sakala said in an interview that it was saddening that Dr Mumba had chosen to play politics over the lives of the people instead of sympathising with them.

He said some of the people who were displaced in Namwala because of the violence that erupted soon after President Edger Lungu was declared winner of the last general elections were relatives of people from other regions and it was politically incorrect for Dr Mumba to trade prudence with expedience.

“It is spiritually despicable for Dr Mumba to trade prudence and correctness with political expedience that there was no violence in Namwala following the re-election of President Lungu. Dr Mumba must seek forgiveness for choosing to mock the vulnerable families that had been violently displaced by suspected UPND cadres who protested against the re-elected of President Lungu.

“Those who were displaced are our relatives…our brothers and sisters and the best Dr Mumba could have done was to keep quiet if he had no feelings for the people because of his desire to be in government through the UPND,” Mr Sakala said.

Mr Sakala said Dr Mumba should have travelled to Namwala to check on and comfort the displaced families instead of making flamboyant political statements from the comfort of hotel rooms.  And Mr Sakala has congratulated President Lungu on his re-election in the last general elections, stating that the Head of State deserved a full five year mandate to fully implement his vision.

He said it was his prayer that Zambia was going to remain peaceful and united under the stewardship of President Lungu.

Mr Sakala commended the people of Sinda for voting for President Lungu, stating that there were many players such as the ‘Kum’mawa for Edgar Lungu’ group that worked tirelessly in their campaigns.

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