“Your will be done”

On Sunday 14th August 2016 President elect  His Excellency Mr Edgar Changwa Lungu at a Church service in Bauleni said”  he would accept results of the elections, if that is the will of the people’ and he continued and said” because God speaks through the people”. Well , the will of God has been done.

President Edgar Lungu displayed rare qualities during the campaign. He is on record of having said that  “No single politician is worthy dying for” and he repeated this statement on several occasions.

The humility President  Edgar Lungu exhibited during the campaign and during the counting of votes reminds me of  those two women in the Bible who went to King Solomoni with  dead child and they wanted the King to decide who the real owner of the child was. When the King said he was going to cut the child into two pieces, so that the two women could share- the real mother protested and said

“  don’t kill the child your Royal highness, give the child to my friend” and the King realized that the woman was actually the real mother because she displayed compassions for the child.

Edgar Lungu, by that statement that he, himself was not worthy dying for”  actually put the interest of the country first before his own personal interest.

This is a very rare quality, and what Edgar Lungu exhibited during the campaign and during the counting of votes differs sharply with HH, who long before the people voted had already declared himself winner, thereby insulting the integrity of the Zambian people.

By their nature, elections tend to divide families, friends and communities. The just ;ended elections has done just that. Whether we like it or not, the elections are now behind us and we need to forge ahead. Zambia has held elections in the past and there were differences but God in his mercy brought us together and  the country  has continued to forge ahead. This election should not be any different. “ May the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this reason, that you were called together as people of one body” Col. 3 v 15. St Paul  in one of his several letters  also says “  if then you were raised with Christ seek those things which are from above,  where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God” Col. 3 v1  . The things which we should be seeking  now that elections are behind us are those fruits of the Spirit ‘ Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness , gentleness , self control’ for such there is no law.

For that who may find it difficult to reconcile with their opponents, please know that in any competition there is and shall always be one winner. The Church in one of its documents says “ As Christians we know that reconcilliati0on is above all the work of God, within us’ (RC #19) ZEC 2000) The Catholic Church in their same document continue and say “ Let us humbly accept  our wrongdoings, and ask for forgiveness for the times we may have dominated others”( RC # 22)

“ Having  been envisioned  as a Church-family,  the Church in Africa aims at reminding everyone that they are  sisters and brothers ( LN # 37)

One of the greatest president the United States of America has produced, Abraham Lincoln is said to have lost elections more than ten(10) times but each time he lost, he turned to God for consolation, because he knew that leadership comes but from God  alone, and when his time came in 1862 and won the elections, he has gone down the history of America and the whole world as one of the greatest presidents USA has produced. To those who have lost the elections, please emulate Abraham  Lincoln  and turn to God.

The author is member of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace(CCJP) and chairperson for JCTR Kasama outreach team and recipient of world bank award in good governance. Email anjovu8@gmail.co

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