We’ll respect Concourt decision, says UPND


THE UPND has pledged that it will accept the final verdict of the Constitutional Court which the opposition party has petitioned to nullify the re-election of President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing a press briefing yesterday, UPND vice president and running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba appealed to UPND members to remain calm, united and leave the Constitutional Court to make a decision which he said was going to be respected by the opposition party and its leadership.

Mr Mwamba pleaded with supporters to restrain themselves from engaging in violent activities and calmly wait for the outcome of the Constitutional Court whose verdict he said would be respected by all parties in the matter.

“No violence, I beg. We don’t want violence. Let us wait for the outcome of the Constitutional Court. When they are ready, they will give us judgment and we shall respect the judgment as UPND,” Mr Mwamba said.

He also appealed to the nation at large to remain calm and peaceful, adding that the UPND top leadership held a meeting with Lusaka Catholic Diocese archbishop Telesphores Mpundu and resolved that the Church would discuss with President Lungu on the tension currently obtaining in the country.

Mr Mwamba said that President Lungu did not want to relinquish power despite the Constitution being clear.

“It is very clear and it states that once a petition has been filed into the Concourt he must step aside and hand over power to the Speaker of the National Assembly, but he has refused to do that.

“This morning, our lawyers wanted to serve documents for him (Lungu) to step aside from State House. But what do they do? They serve them at State House; I am sorry to say this: they have been beaten up by the soldiers at State House,” Mr Mwamba said.

Meanwhile, UPND vice president for politics Dr Canisius Banda told the same press briefing that there was no need for anybody to be destroying houses, cars and Government buildings.

“Let us be peaceful and non-violent but let us all focus on nation-building by remaining united,” he said.

Dr Banda also condemned the regional voting that was experienced during the August 11, 2016, general elections.

He said a Banda should be allowed to live in Pemba district of Southern Province without being harassed.

Dr Banda said others voted for Andyford Banda, Maxwell Mwamba and others also voted for Edith Nawakwi because it was their choice and should not be stripped of their freedom for choosing a leader of their choices.

He said it was freedom of association for any citizen to decide to settle in a region of their choice.

Dr Banda also proposed during the press briefing that the Government should introduce a stern law that sends people to prison who attempt to divide the nation.

He also explained that at no time has the UPND ever sat down to discuss a meeting between Mr Hichilema and President Lungu to form a government of national unity.

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