Politicians attack Church


POLITICIANS should not destroy this country on account of their quest for power because there is more that underlines our oneness than what may cause discord.

The starting point should be the acknowledgement by each one of our politicians that they are foremost Zambian, and therefore must demonstrate a sense of patriotism to mother Zambia.

Such realisation ought to make each and every citizen to look at those who hold a different view point as deserving of good treatment because after all, we are, but one people.

It is worrisome that the fabric of the spirit of national unity appears to have been worn away over time such that one’s party loyalty is paramount to patriotism.

We laud the sacrifice our forefathers made towards preserving the sanctity of our country’s national unity under the ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION motto of which should not be risked regardless of partisan stance.

Several pillars have helped to hold our national unity and the Church is undeniably one of them. Since time immemorial, the church has worked to encourage national unity.

It has played its systematic role of preaching peace, love, unity and servanthood leadership among the political leaders.

The church has been and will forever be a neutral place where all people from different spheres of life should run to seeking guidance and counsel whenever need arises.

We concur with Father Chilinda of St. Ignatius when he says “It is the moral and spiritual responsibility of the church to promote unity and cool the hearts of those who were inflamed by the loss of an election.”

In this vein, it must be rather shocking for any one of the politicians to assert that the Catholic Church is compromised merely for allowing President Edgar Lungu to congregate with them.

As rightly observed, there is no ticket at Church for one to be allowed or denied admission. It is a place where the congregants treat one another as equals regardless of tribal, regional, educational, social, economic and political status.

It is, therefore, abhorrent for any political leader to politicise the vital role that the church plays in promoting national cohesion on account of advancing their narrow party agenda. Such a perspective threatens the very foundation of our co-existence.

And it would even be worse for any politician to anticipate an apology from the Church over its decision to host their perceived political opponent. No Church was registered by any political party to be subjected to political party dictum.

To single out one denomination and make it the target of baseless and thoughtless attacks shows lack of understanding of the composition of the Church. In fact, doing so is purely shooting oneself in the foot.

And this is what Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba of the UPND has done!

All in the pursuit of power.

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