Kelvin Bwalya backs Kalaba says HH is a political cry baby



HAKAINDE Hichilema must stop being a ‘cry-baby’ and accept that a major and spectacular Presidential election loss is coming his way yet again next week, PF deputy elections Chairperson Kelvin Fube Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said, Mr Hichilema must also accept the fact he is a “hard sale” who should perhaps concentrate on ‘privatisation’ rather than run for elections, which he continued to lose pathetically, at least four times.

‘‘We agree with our Foreign Affairs Minister hon. Harry Kalaba in his censure of UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema regarding his (Hichilema’s) latest wild letter to the United Nations’’

‘’We would like to add that Mr Hichilema must stop being a ‘cry-baby’ and accept that a major and spectacular Presidential election loss is coming his way yet again next week,’’ he said.

Mr Bwalya was reacting to a ‘sob story’ and ‘self-pity’ missive, which Mr Hichilema wrote to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon claiming that President Edgar Lungu has created an unfriendly political platform ahead of the 11th August polls.

This is absolutely exaggerated, nonsensical and a pathetic attempt to try and play victim yet again, by a man whose history of losing elections run like a thread of gold’’, he said. Mr Bwalya said has since accused Mr Hichilema’s party for created a hostile political environment ahead of the polls through his violent cadres, decision to disregard the law, not once but several times.

He said UPND had twice illegally impounded trucks belonging to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on suspicion that they were carrying some contra-band of sorts and his cadres run open street battles with the police President.

He said the opposition leader refused to sign a Peace Accord at the behest of the ECZ which President Lungu and Edith Nawakwi among other political leaders signed.

He said recently Mr Hichilema stated that he will disregard the law and hold public rallies in some sensitive parts of Lusaka, with or without the permission of the police and the ECZ.

Mr Bwalya said the opposition leader has been openly insulting the service personnel and called police officers ‘’Morons’’of which President Lungu has embraced.

Mr Bwalya said despite all this, President Lungu, had exercised maximum restraint, disregarding personal insults from Hichilema and his foul mothered supporters such as Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya(GBM).

‘’We are fully alive to the fact that Hichilema is piling up on correspondence in order to create a case for an APPEAL when he tastes the bitter pill of loss again after August 11. This is a tired trick’’ he said.

And Mr Bwalya added that Mr Hichilema has a well-documented history of losing elections, hence he cannot claim that this time around he will win the election with such a spectacular record of loss with his political barometer.

Mr Bwalya said President Lungu has the 8000kms of roads to point, 650 health posts, more than 2, 9 million metric tonnes of maize and also the construction of  bridges and airports springing up around the country including universities.

Mr Hichilema can only point at his spectacular history of losing elections. He is a record loser.  The only time Mr Hichilema won was during the privatisation programme that resulted into loss of many Zambian jobs.

God bless Zambia as we head towards another victory for President Lungu and the PF based on real development not rhetoric.

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