Civil service full of anti-govt cartels


May I bring this to the attention of my beloved President Mr. Edgar Lungu to even extend the whip to some of our seniors in the civil service? These are the main cartels. They have frustrated the civil service. It seems they are not monitored. Please reshuffle them or else retire them to join the losing politicians.

Concerned Zambian

 Don’t vote for vulgar and abusive GBM



It is not good for Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba to be using abusive and vulgar language. What kind of a leader is he going to make if voted into office. People, we must learn something before it’s too late.

R. Kabwe


Good bye GBM


Does HH have any advisors to help him on the language of insults and hatred by his running mate or is it too late you can’t insult electorate and expect them to vote for you. So it’s good bye to GBM.

Cristian Kabwe

Kankoyo in Mufulira in toxic gas emissions



I have lived in Mufulira’s Kankoyo  area for 20 years  and I am appealing to the Government especially President Edgar Lungu to come and see with his own eyes the emissions of the toxic gas called Suplhur dioxide or Centa Loof’s in our township. Our skin pigment doesn’t even look well. The other thing is that we are the only ones with poor roads. Naifwe (Equally) we need to sontapo.

Frank Simpamba, Kankoyo resident


 Bill of Rights good for Zambians



It’s unfortunate that many people don’t fully understand the meaning of referendum. This entails that there isn’t much sensitisation by the stakeholders to the general public. This scenario has brought about skepticism among the electorate whether to vote for the referendum or not alongside the general elections. Some people have insinuated that voting ‘YES’ in the referendum means supporting the clause within the Constitution which promotes same sex marriage. This is not true. What is certain is that the referendum contains some clauses or the Bills of Rights which are of the benefit of the people.

Elemiya Phiri


Leave ZNBC alone


People are condemning ZNBC for unfair coverage. At least they allow all to participate on TV through RACE TO MANDAHILL, KNOW YOUR MANIFESTO, THE RUNNING MATE and so on. May candidates sell themselves on those platforms.

 Concerned Zambian

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