Cartel now in UPND- Lungu

THE cartel that caused confusion in the Patriotic Front (PF) and almost hijacked the party following the death of President Michael Sata has gone to the UPND and is now scheming to take over the opposition party, President Lungu has charged.

And the President has revealed that the UPND leadership is scheming for a government of national unity because they have realised that there was no chance for its leader Hakainde Hichilema of winning the forthcoming elections.

President Lungu said the PF had become more united and organised after the departure of a group of individuals who were of the miscued belief that they were the owners of the ruling party.

The President, who received a thunderous welcome from a euphoric crowd in Chililabombwe yesterday, said leadership was from God and those who were viciously fighting to take up the governance of the country before their time were wasting their energy and resources.

He said the UPND leadership had in him recruited a group of thugs who were rejected and chased from the PF because of their violent behaviour and was using the group to cause terror in communities.

President Lungu was received by a jubilant crowd in Chililabombwe and the people went agog after the Head of State and the First Lady Esther took to the stage to dance to the now popular “Dununa Reverse” campaign song.

President Lungu also cautioned Zambians against voting for the UPND because doing so would be endorsing gender-based violence as Mr Hichilema’s running mate, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, had a documented history of insulting citizens.

“The people who caused confusion after President Sata died in their attempt to hijack the PF have gone to the UPND. The PF is more peaceful and well organised now and we are going to win the general elections.

‘‘Some political leaders are claiming that it is their time to rule because they come from one region. That will never happen because Zambians are not going to vote on the basis of regionalism. The UPND has now become home of the thugs who were rejected and chased from the PF and they are using them to cause terror in communities,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said the cartel had failed to accept the reality that he had been elected Head of State despite having come from a poor background and a poor community in Chawama.

And President Lungu has challenged Mr Hichilema to fix the problems he was having in his party before telling Zambians that he was going to fix the economy.

The Head of State said it was practically impossible for the UPND leader to fix the country’s economy because the economic progression in the last five years had been impressive.

President Lungu said Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba were ever claiming to be rich people in the country but had failed to reduce the cost of beef and mealie meal which were their main businesses respectively.

“They (UPND) have resorted to violence but let me state that very soon, they will be where they belong…jails. Watch out and vote for the PF because voting for the UPND would be selling and destroying Zambia,” President Lungu said.

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