Tribalism out, says Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has strongly cautioned the general public against tribalism and ethnic prejudice, noting that these negative vices had no place in Zambia.

Speaking at a rally in Mumbwa, President Lungu warned that people should engage in tribal sentiments because all people in the country were one and that it did not matter which tribe one belonged to.

He said that these vices were inimical to development and progress and that all Zambian should reject such vices for the betterment of the country.The president said that there was no need for self-emphasis by any tribe in Zambia because all tribes complemented each other and would mutually benefit from each other if they lived in harmony.

“Let us live together as one Zambia one nation emblem demands, it doesn’t matter which tribe you belong to. You can be Tonga, Bemba, Lozi it doesn’t matter we are all Zambian. We need is peace so let us live together as one for the betterment of our country. Let us not fight each other because fight is dirty” he said.President Lungu urged people to him and his party in promoting one Zambia, one nation and that everyone should come on board and promote peaceful coexistence. He emphatically pointed out that tribalism was a very unproductive undertaking that could lead the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, President Lungu urged people to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum because it enhanced the rights of all Zambians.

He explained that the referendum was a sign of love for the people of Zambia and that it did not have anything to do with any political party in Zambia.

The head of state said that it was high time that the rights of people were enhanced and respected because they had for a long time been undermined.He warned that those who were advising people not to vote in favour of the referendum did not mean well for the Zambian people.

“You should all vote yes in the referendum because by doing so you agree that you want your rights as human beings enhanced. That vote has nothing to with PF, UPND or any other political party, but to do with your rights. It’s just asking whether you agree to have your rights enhanced, me as your president I am telling you that it’s good to have your rights enhanced because you human beings first before you become a Zambian” said President Lungu.

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