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Pulling ‘machende’ (balls) for State House?

Dear Editor,

My earnest appeal is to the Church in Zambia to step up prayers so that the peace this country has enjoyed over the years remains intact during and after the August 11 elections.

We have only one Zambia which we have managed to keep in one piece all these years.

We must, therefore, be wary of politicians wh0 want to bring war to an extent of pulling ‘machende’ to acquire Plot One.

Disgusted Voter


The Post is at it again



The Post is at it again. Who are they trying to fool by publishing a photograph of the President on the front page which was taken long before he went to State House? This is not being fair to anybody at all! M’membe, just pay up your money!

Uncle B


This is for GBM



What type of politics are you doing? Why do you want to create war in our country? Why can’t you just leave politics to HH? HH will never be the president of Zambia because of you! Zambians wanted HH to work with late President Michael Sata when they almost formed a pact but HH did not seize the opportunity. By now, he would have been President but because he thinks he is the only person who is smart. HH is a bitter man! He will destroy our country! Please, ba GBM, come back to PF.



How can HH call for peace?


Anyway, I don’t blame blind UPND cadres who are not seeing where they are headed to. HH refused to sign the peace accord but today he is talking about peace. He’s talking about peace for whatever reasons. What kind of a leader is he? 

Double D


 Cage PF cadres sharing land in Lilayi


PF cadres are busy allocating land in Lilayi. I thought they were warned! Can someone please do something about it! We are tired of cadres misbehaving!

Concerned PF member


God is watching over HH, GBM and Nevers


I was disturbed at HH and GBM’s failure to attend the national day of prayer at the Lusaka’s Show grounds. It is unfortunate that even Evangelist Nevers Mumba has opted to shun prayers. FJT was wise enough to declare this great nation a Christian nation. It was a great covenant that we entered into as a nation. Very few leaders can stand out in public and declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ like ECL does. Those who are shy to make such declarations in the political elite should simply shut up!

Evangeslist Chishala Mwaba





No politics of hate, insults, violence


Politics of hate, violence, insults are long gone! As we draw nearer to the polling day, let peace, unity and love prevail in our campaigns! Are we suffering from colonial hang over? The Cha Cha Cha days are over.

We are a grown democracy and should appreciate the gains achieved so far. Let us not sacrifice these gains for selfish interests. We only have one Zambia and should not lose it because of selfish and personal interests.

Aaron Simutowe,






Why UPND will lose



It is so interesting that the entire UPND party’s attention has been turned on PF leader Edgar. C. Lungu and his party without analysing what would make them lose the elections.

Jonathan Jones,

Nyimba, Chipembe





Bishop Msiska blown off side



Bishop Borniface Msiska of Kapiri Mposhi, your text message in the Daily Nation newspaper dated 25th July, 2016 is misleading the people. If you are UPND, please don’t disgrace yourself by commenting on your campaign article. Umuntu ukulya mano yakwe. Food is available everywhere. Tulalima bwana bishop. Vakudya ni mbembwe. Umuntu ni Lungu. Please, preach the gospel of peace.

Citizen of Zambia

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