‘Chiluba declared Zambia a Christian nation’

IT IS wrong for the clergy to mislead us by attributing the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation to Dr. David Livingstone because the proclamation was done by second republican president Frederick Chiluba, a senior member of the Chiluba family has complained.

John Kapapi told the Daily Nation that he was appalled by Bishop Joshua Banda’s statement that the declaration of Zambia as a Christina nation was made by Dr. Livingstone when it was clear that the missionary played no role in the declaration.

Mr. Kapapi said it was unfortunHe said it was sad that while the whole country was talking about Zambia being a Christian country as enshrined in the constitution, Dr. Chiluba has never been mentioned as being the architect of the declaration either on purpose of inadvertently adding that Bishop Banda’s portrayal of Dr. Livingstone last Sunday during the national prayers as the one behind the declaration was misleading and an assault to the Chiluba legacy.

He said he was personally affected by the sheer lack of respect for the former Head of State especially by the clergy because Dr. Chiluba deserved more for what he did during his tenure as president of the country therefore deserving respect especially form the church.

He said the role of the church was to foster unity, love, and peace among people by preaching forgiveness as opposed to segregation and hatred adding that Bishop Banda had openly showed that he hated Dr. Chiluba to his grave.

“I personally heard him say that Dr. Livingstone was the one who declared Zambia as a Christian nation but we all know that Dr. Livingstone never did that. At this time I can’t even call Bishop Banda as a man of God because he has shown that he still has issues with Dr. Chiluba and that is why he cannot recognise the critical role he played.

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