Violence can undermine credibility of elections results-LAZ

THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has said the levels of political intolerance and violence were threatening the existence of Zambia being a beacon of peace it has been known for.

LAZ president Linda Kasonde in a speech read on her behalf by her vice Eddie Mweetwa said that violence had no place in the country as Zambia was a peaceful country that embraced a diversity of rich cultures

Ms Kasonde said this yesterday at the Cathedral of the Holly Cross after a march against violence that has rocked the political scene in the last few weeks.

Ms Kasonde accused the police of being used as a tool of oppression against those with different views and advised the law enforcement officers to be professional in conducting their duties.

And NGOCC chairperson Sara Longwe said political violence if not checked had the potential of undermining the credibility and legitimacy of the August 11 elections.

Ms Longwe said this yesterday at Lusaka’s Anglican Catholic church of the Holy Cross after a peace march. She said that acts of violence among political players would undermine the credibility as well as legitimacy of the elections and voter apathy in the August 11 elections.

“The obvious net effect of all this is voter apathy and staying away by citizens because they are forced to seeking self-protection on the polling day. Thus, violence has the potential of undermining the credibility and legitimacy of the August 11 general elections, “she said.

She appealed to the police to be professional and apply the Public Order Act impartially stating that it was unfortunate that a life of a young woman was lost at the hands of the police who were supposed to provide protection.

And Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) board member Peter Mulenga implored political leaders to examine their commitment and attitude towards peace as required by the Scriptures.

Father Mulenga said that Zambia had elections and experienced both sides of the coin whereby the opposition and ruling party both won

He urged political players not to render evil for evil or insult form insult but embrace peace out of their convections.

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