Ignominious Nevers


THE dishonour, with which some self-styled politicians conduct themselves in public life, raises more questions than inspiration.

This is a serious source of worry as the mere thought of offering such individuals an opportunity to be in a position of power makes one shudder.

We wonder how such individuals can run the affairs of our nation given that they are overtly seen to be driven by bitterness and an insatiable desire for personal aggrandisement.

It is typically a case of birds of a feather flocking together.

We find the wild allegations Dr Nevers Mumba is levelling against former president Rupiah Banda and the Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to have sponsored the Movement for Multi-party Democracy convention that  saw Mr Felix Mutati’s election as its new party president as outbursts devoid of substance.

It is public knowledge that the embattled former MMD leader fought hard to block the party from holding its national convention, which saw the new executive ushered into office.

The nation was treated to relentless and monotonous period of court injunctions and counter-injunctions between the Mutati and Nevers-led factions.

At the end of it all, the Mutati led faction then, carried the day after the Lusaka High Court ruled in their favour to go on with the party convention which duly elected him to be its party president.

This is a synopsis of the event that Nevers pretends to have deliberately glossed over and chosen to raise an accusing finger at individuals who are not any near his fall from grace.

Nevers needs to realise that MMD, as a party, was solidly founded on the principles of democracy.

Needless to say that in any democratic dispensation, its leadership must be by the people, of the people as well as for the people.

Therefore, it is unthinkable for anyone to assert their hold to some position of authority without the express endorsement of the collective party membership.

The mere success of the party convention goes to prove that it was the members of the party who as per the party constitution decided to choose the new executive for the five year mandate.

We do not think it is any helpful to allege his ousting from the position of party president on individuals who are not members of the MMD like the PF presidential candidate.

Had the convention been held in total disregard of the party constitution and before the High Court’s clearance over the leadership wrangles, Nevers might have the audacity to cast doubt on the new MMD leadership.

Objectively speaking harbouring bitterness after losing hold of a position of authority is difficult to stomach particularly when you least expect it.

But it is honourable for Nevers to come to terms with the status quo and probably register with his newly found partners.

As a person who is known as a man of God, Nevers must always bear in mind that, though he is in politics for survival, leadership comes from God, and not by imposition.

As such, let Nevers be magnanimous enough in his battles and avoid maligning innocent people…and probably keep quiet and save his already fractured political reputation.

It does not help matters to blame others even for issues that you are solely responsible for.

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