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HAKAINDE Hichilema did not only injure women but stripped them naked when he asked them to withhold sex from their husbands until they pledged their loyalty to UPND, Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has charged.

NGOCC Board Chair person Sarah Longwe said the remarks injured and stripped women naked.

“We are really angry that at this time, he can insult women. Actually there is no difference between those utterances and that of undressing innocent women. There is no difference,” said.  At a rally in Chingola, Mr Hichilema asked women to withhold sex from men until they pledged their loyalty to UPND.

“Mukwayi ndelomba twingile mu campaign, mwebena Chingola ku meeting muleisa abengi, nomba inshiku yakuya muku vota tamuleya abengi. Nomba imwe ngamwaisa kuno tamunvotela noku votela, kuti na wina shani?” Hichilema asked as he struggled to mumble and sketch a few words in Bemba together.

“Campaign itampila mu nga’nda, Bana Bantu  mwaita bashi bantu ngaisa pa nga’nda. Bana Bantu mwaita shi bantu ati iwe shibantu, ikaleni apa. Niwe ulechusha abana. Wamweba ati lelo ngata ufumine ku PF ukwisa ku UPND muno mu ng’anda walalafye, ifisuma lelo tawafimone, tawafimone, walalafye ahahaha yayaya” H.H told women in Chingola.

Ms Longwe charged that Hichilema should focus on issue-based campaign to woo his electorate.

“They are belittling themselves showing that they are empty. To insult women for no reason at all.

“It just shows that the opposition does not have real alternatives for us. These are senior opposition people who cannot find real issues to talk about,” Ms Longwe said.

She said Hichilema should not be entertained as an alternative to Government by anyone.

“We cannot take exceptions. It is an insult and a sign that they do not have anything special to offer.

“Any political leader who is using women to get ahead by insulting them should not be entertained. That statement is very upsetting, we are annoyed,” she said.

She challenged Hichilema to act like a leader and address real issues instead of trivialising women.

“Misusing women and using them as sex objects? No! We have condemned that and we continue to condemn it,” she said.

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