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WUSAKILE Constituency Independent parliamentary candidate Pavyuma Kalobo says he will effectively represent the electorate in the area if elected Member of Parliament (MP) on August 11 because he has a track record of working with people even before he decided to join politics.

Mr Kalobo said he had decided to stand as an Independent candidate because he wanted to effectively represent the electorate in Wusakile constituency who for a long time had been receiving poor representation from the previous MPs who had lamentably failed to improve people’s lives in the area.

Addressing a rally at Kalela School Grounds at the weekend Mr Kalobo claimed that the previous MPs had lamentably failed to improve people’s lives evidenced  by their failure to deal with the blocked sewer lines, poor road infrastructure and health facilities.

“If the previous MPs had the interest of the people of Wusakile, they would have worked hard to improve your lives, but because most of them came from outside the constituency, they had no interest to improve your lives. This is why blocked sewer lines are everywhere, the road infrastructure is in bad state.

“Why is it that Chimwemwe and other constituencies in Kitwe have better roads than Wusakile? This is also a pointer that previous MPs failed to represent you effectively. So on August 11, give me chance and I will show you what I am made of. I will provide effective representation. Moreover, you have seen what I have done before. I can point at what I have done,” said Mr Kalobo

He said some of the priority areas he would work on, once elected MP was to engage Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) to consider giving the Wusakile Mine Hospital to government so that the residents of Wusakile would not be having trouble of traveling to Kitwe Central Hospital (KCH) for health and medical services.

He said currently, the Wusakile Mine Hospital was only for  few Mopani workers and those who could afford to pay for medical services, hence if the hospital was given to government, the residents of Wusakile, who are in majority would access medical services at the hospital.

“Right now, most of the residents of Wusakile do not work for Mopani and so if they fall sick, they have to go to KCH. In case of death, the dead body has to be taken to KCH mortuary. For the dead body to be taken to KCH, the taxi driver will charge anything between K180.00 and K200.00.

After the rally, Mr Kalobo and his motorcade brought Wusakile and Chamboli to a standstill, as he drove through the two townships with his supporters chanting his name and assuring him that victory was certain on August 11.

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