Let us retire insulting HH



Let the 11th August elections come so that we retire HH from the political arena. Surely a normal person calling the head of State a fool, a thug! He is insulting us who voted for Lungu and when he speaks he should do so on behalf of his supporters not Zambians. The majority of us will reject him.

Concerned voter

Well done ECZ


Job well done to ECZ for suspending campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala. Continue exercising your powers as an independent body.




GBM is not intelligent


GBM is a bully and he has done more destruction to UPND leaving educated Tonga bulls why HH had chosen him to be running mate.


CK Kitwe 

Zambia badly needs prayers for peace


I call for serious prayer warriors like me to pray and fast for God to give us the continuity of President Lungu. When the UPND incites violence, that is when we should pray to show them that leadership does not come from violence but from God. Only God will hear our cry.

Concerned citizen

UPND is a violent party


The UPND is causing chaos and violence because they do not have the support of the people.

Danny street vendor,

Kulima tower


Let’s avoid violence


I would like to join other Zambian citizens in condemning the political violence that has been reported in some places. The Zambian people are known to be peaceful and peace is a rare commodity that when lost is hard to come by. Let’s take examples from some neighbouring countries that were peaceful and now are facing unstoppable wars. We are Zambians with the same DNA. Let us be united and show more love. Elections and campaigns come and go but Zambia will remain. One Zambia, One Nation, One Voice, One People.

Mwelumuka Maybin,


Human life not for political altar


Human life should never be sacrificed at the political altar and those who aspire to take over the governance of the country should show love to the people.

Concerned citizen



Worrying load shedding in Matero


Can ZESCO please tell us the people of Matero its  proper load shedding time table because power goes for more than four hours in  some many cases while we hear  that  some areas hve had no power cuts for months.

Paul Zembani, Matero


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