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ECZ timely campaign ban


Bravo ECZ for the timely cancellation of the campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala districts. I hope the community and the police will collaborate well in curbing this dangerous vice.

Chileshe Chanda,  Lusaka


Zambia’s biggest challenge


Only a few people in this country know why the UPND is supported by some media houses and diplomats from western countries. Wake up Zambians! Do not sell your country to foreigners.

Concerned citizen


MMD, PF swallow UPND


The high number of former MMD and PF members who have crowded and endorsed HH for August 11th, 2016 elections has annoyed most  Tonga’s because this has made UPND and its leaders so unpopular to form government after the polls. Some analysts feel this will lead to the demise of the party.



Zambians know their President


Allow me to say this. We, the genuine Zambian voters, know that President Edgar Lungu is winning this year’s elections. We do not need someone to prophecy to us. Our God whom we serve and believe in as a country has already spoken. God bless Zambia!

Edgar Chishimba



Power load shedding



I would like to applaud ZESCO for the reduced hours of load shedding because power disruptions have been a challenge here in Libala South Apex area. The situation has improved since May, 2016. We hope the Kariba dam water levels do not reduce after elections.



Let’s stop the violence


Have you ever seen GBM’s or HH’s children engaging in violence? My appeal to mothers is that we should stop our children from being used as tools of violence by some of these politicians.

Danny, street vendor,  Kulima tower


Control Tower



We are appealing to the aircraft control tower not to allow helicopters to land on school grounds in the township because what happened at Mushili ground was dangerous to our children. The UPND brought a helicopter and when it took off there was so much dust.

Concerned citizen,  Ndola


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