ZNBC comes under fierce attack by UPND

All UPND parliamentary and local government candidates will shun ZNBC ‘Race to Manda Hill’’ because the programme is recorded and edited to make opposition party candidates look incompetent.

UPND parliamentary candidate for Nkana constituency Divo Katete said, unlike before when the programme which was being done live, ZNBC was now recording the programme which they edited to make opposition candidates look incompetent while those in the ruling PF were being made to look wise and intelligent.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday claimed that in the edited programme PF candidates were coming out with important points, while those from UPND were being made to look totally incompetent.

“I will not feature on ZNBC Race to Manda Hill because of their unbalanced coverage. I am going further by also urging all UPND candidates, parliamentary and local government to shun interviews being done by ZNBC because of their unbalanced coverage,

“Instead of Race to Manda Hill being live, they are now recording it so that they can edit it to show it in a manner which shows the opposition candidate look incompetent, while the PF candidate looks competent and intelligent of all the candidates. So for me,I can’t feature on Race to Manda Hill,” Mr Katete said.

He said ZNBC should continue covering the PF candidates whom they wanted to promote because their kind of coverage left much to be desired.

“We will not be featuring on ZNBC programmes which are recorded. They can have a field day with the PF candidate, besides they have not been covering UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) rallies,

“Further, they have refused to air some of the political adverts. If they cannot cover our president and his running mate, why should they cover us, the lieutenants,”, he asked

He said some public and private media institutions had allowed themselves to be corrupted by some candidates and that was painting a very bad picture.

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