Zambia may lose ‘Christian nation’ status over violence


A LUSAKA-BASED politician has claimed that the continued escalating political violence in the capital city may lead to Zambia losing its Christian nation status.

Mr Patrick Mungo said that the continued reports of violence being perpetrated by some political party cadres were a threat to the peace and stability that Zambia had enjoyed for over 50 years.

He said the violence especially in Lusaka Province was alarming for many people were getting injured in the conflict.

Mr. Mungo said that political violence was a vice that could easily tarnish the country’s good image to the international community.

“Zambia has for more than 50 years enjoyed peace and unity even during elections and it is not right that the peace that our forefathers fought for during the struggle for independence should be thrown away by some people who do not understand the value of having a peaceful country.

“Zambia has always been looked upon as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and we do not want to lose that tag because of some cadres who feel they can do whatever they want and not be held accountable for their actions,’’ he said.

Mr. Mungo feared that the kind of violence that Lusaka was recording on a daily basis could spread to other parts of Zambia.

“Zambia has 10 provinces and it is not fair that out of the 10 it is only Lusaka that should always be involved in political violence. These political cadres are endangering the country’s status as a Christian nation,” he said.

He further said that the law enforcers should be on high alert and ensure that they kept peace and order in Lusaka Province.

Mr Mungo said the police should ensure that they apprehended all perpetrators of political violence regardless of their political party affiliation.

He said all culprits of political violence should be brought to book whether they were from the ruling party or the opposition.

-Millennium Radio


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