UPND terrorist organisation


How many deaths or injuries will it take before the UPND is classified a terrorist organisation in Zambia

BK Christian


Nevers Mumba should forget MMD


Former MMD president ranting and ravings never cease to amaze me! Does he honestly believe that people take in what he says? Chalipwa ba Nevers. Go back to Christ or better still “to the land”.

Henry Mhango,






Ignore boastful Kwacha billionaires on August 11 elections


People are interested in voting for leaders who humble themselves and not those Kwacha billionaire politicians. Let us vote for humble leaders.

Jack Jones Mwamba







I’m disappointed with GBM


I am disappointed with GBM, UPND’s vice-president who said the construction of roads will be abandoned and money will be put into civil servants salaries. Mind you most government workers drive and you want them not to use roads! What kind of cheap politics is being displayed by UPND’s vice-president?

Jack Jones Mwamba, Lusaka







Probe GBM education qualifications


Law enforcement must probe the allegations of GBM’s possible forged education qualification so that the matter is brought to rest. This is a matter of public interest and must not be ignored.

Marvin Chanda Mberi,








ZNS doing a bad job at borders


ZNS is not doing a good job on the borders. People are paying them and maize is crossing the borders. As a result, maize is costing between K96 and K100 for 50kg bag. JCTR must worry even more because FRA has to adjust their prices again.

B Nchimunya






The infamy of some diplomats in Zambia


Something I fail to understand is why diplomats travel from a far country to come here in Africa with only the interest of promoting illegalities in Zambia and encouraging Zambians to start evading taxes. Just imagine a qualified diplomat recommending the undemocratic UPND party, the party that has failed to hold a convention for years. That is a party with a questionable political leader. They are here to promote things they don’t condone in their own countries. But why?



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2 Responses to “TEXT MESSAGES”

  1. Alfred says:

    I urge other opposition political parties to start forming one formidable opposition party that will compete with PF in 2020. UPND has turned itself into United Party for National Destruction. There has never such a violent party like UPND since independence. God help us.

  2. vuyo says:

    you made a mistake by reffering to diplomats like cruz as ‘qualified”, these are just people that got lucky because believe me qualified Obama can not have these kind of nonsensical diplomats to represent him, this cruz guy is very uneducated believe me, we should prob his qualifications to understand his level of thinking.


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