Cage over-speeding GRZ vehicles as well


Dear Editor

I wonder why GRZ vehicles cannot get pulled over for speeding, driving in a manner which puts other motorists at risk!

Are there two laws, one for them and one for ordinary motorists?

On July 2 morning at approximately 09.15 hours  a Toyota Hilux registration number GRZ 747CL cruised past us at approximately 110k per hour in an 80k/ph zone.

Then when it was nearing the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, a 60k/ph zone, it found a police speed trap and check point with a radar gun. The Hilux went through the check point at about 80kph and was not stopped, but others were. Why?

We all use the same roads and should obey the rules.

Bailey W R


Monkey Fountain

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