LAZ president under fire


LAW Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Linda Kasonde is embarrassing the association and the entire legal fraternity in Zambia with her un-researched statements, Patriotic Front information and publicity secretary Sunday Chanda has said.

He charged that it was ridiculous Ms. Kasonde to mislead Zambians with false information.

Mr. Chanda was reacting to remarks by Ms. Kasonde indicating that the action taken by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and law enforcers against The Post newspaper was made in bad faith and politically motivated.

He described as devoid of legal grounding the remarks by Ms Kasonde, saying that the officers were doing the correct thing as The Post newspaper owed poor Zambians huge sums of money.

“The LAZ president must slow down and make coherent statements based on facts before she runs the risk of embarrassing the reputable LAZ and entire legal fraternity in Zambia.

“She speaks like a pedestrian counsel and not a certified one, which is a shame.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ms Kasonde defending the tax defaulting Post newspaper but she must at least do it based on facts. The Post she is supporting is a tax offender that has taken money out of Zambians,” Mr. Chanda said.

He advised Ms. Kasonde to research and understand issues before uttering statements in defence of The Post newspaper.

“What she refers to as a court order from the so-called tribunal does not exist because the Revenue Tribunal was repealed a long time ago. What exists is the Tax Appeals Tribunal and there is no ruling that can be made to overrule the Supreme Court ruling, so we wonder what she means when she claims a legally binding court order was defied,” he said.

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