PF unmoved by UPND


THE Patriotic Front (PF) is not worried or scared by the ‘‘artificial and stage-managed crowds’’ the UPND organised in Kasama because the opposition political party has no chance of ever winning an election at any level in Northern Province, Kelvin Sampa has charged.

But UPND presidential spokesperson Edward Mumbi said his party has completely overtaken the PF and that it would only take what he termed a political miracle for the ruling party to regain its popularity.

Mr Sampa said the UPND were in Kasama ‘‘not as a popular political party but as a political organisation conducting its political adventure’’ with the hope of gaining a Bemba vote.

Mr Sampa, who is the PF Kasama aspiring parliamentary candidate, said the UPND would remain a non-factor in Kasama and the entire Northern Province because the region had remained the stronghold of the ruling party.

He claimed that the UPND had perfected the art of ferrying cadres to their rallies to psychologically intimidate other political parties but that the PF was aware of the scheme and was not worried.

Mr Sampa said the PF was happy that the UPND leadership was fooling itself by importing cadres to their rallies because the reality was that the people of Kasama did not want to take chances with the governance of the country.

He said UPND presidential


running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba along with former vice-president Guy Scott, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata and their leader Hakainde Hichilema were fantasising their popularity but should be ready to accept defeat because they were destined to remain in the opposition.

Mr Sampa claimed that most of the people who attended the rally were ferried from outside Kasama and were paid as little as K5 apart and bought opaque beer commonly known as Chibuku.

“It is impossible for the UPND to override the PF in Kasama or the Northern Province as a whole. It would take a long time for the PF to lose its popularity in Kasama and not even the presence of Mr Mwamba (GBM) in the UPND would excite or attract the people to vote for Mr Hichilema.

‘We know that they spent money to stage-manage their so called mammoth rally but we are on the ground and we know the truth. They can continue cheating themselves but they will be shocked with the outcome of the results after the general elections,” Mr Sampa said.

He said the crowds the UPND was attracting were orchestrated but that the PF had remained intact with all its structures.

But Mr Mumbi said the rally the UPND held in Kasama on Saturday was the biggest ever held  in the history of Northern Province and that the people in the region had completely shifted their loyalty to the opposition party.

Mr Mumbi said in an interview from Kasama that there was no doubt that the PF had collapsed in Kasama and that for the first time, there was a real possibility that the opposition could sweep Northern Province.

“We do not know what miracle would play on the PF fortunes but the truth is they are gone. The rally in Kasama is something I had not seen in a long time and this is another revolution taking place.

‘‘Things have changed and Zambians are saying Mr Hichilema and the UPND is the way to go. So the PF should start preparing their exit from Government because Mr Hichilema and his running mate, Mr Mwamba, are on their way,” Mr Mumbi said.

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  1. rodrick says:

    Those pipo came to see the madness of gbm and stanist hh.


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