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Essay Question: How does tribalism affect national development?

Category 1: Pupils in Grades 10-12

Name: Martin Moya

Age: 18

School: Olimpia Park Secondary

District: Lusaka

Tribalism is the act of favouring people of the same tribe. 

This practice is usually seen during deployment where bosses employ their fellow tribes men even when they do not have the necessary qualifications.

Tribalism has to some extent affected the development process of our country in so many ways.

It has brought confusion in our country particularly this issue of Barotseland has created worries among the Zambian citizens.

There have been calls from the people of Baroteeland to separate themselves from the rest of Zambia, a call which has been denounced by well-meaning Zambians who want remain as a one people.

Additionally, tribalism tends to bring hatred of other tribes. For example, the world was greeted with angry scenes of exnophophic attacks in South Africa where a good number of foreigners were killed by citizens of that country.

When a country faces such problems, foreign investors will either take way their capital or those intending to invest are discouraged and opt to go to other countries where peace.

Apart from that, tribalism promotes corruption thereby leading to misappriation of public funds meant for developmental projects. Even in the road sector this favouritism do happens.

If the erring motorist is from the same tribe of the  Traffic police, the charges will their be low or that wrong driver will be told to go forgetting that the same person may be involved in accident which will lead to loss of human resources needed for economic development.

Tribal politics have also taken a centre stage in our poltical atmosphere. You will hear polticians telling their supporters not to vote for a certain candidate simply because he is from a another tribe.

This is not good in the country which aligns itself with Christian values. Another sector which gets affected is the tourism sector. Tourists will decied not to come to a country where there is conflicts between or among tribes.

And when these people decide not to come to Zambia, the country will lose foreign exchange.

Some tourists come with different plans. Maybe they are exploring on what kind of resources the country have so that they can come at a later stage to invest.

It is in public domain that there seems to be a conflict between Tongas and Bembas which is very bad.

If this kind of hatred will continue, it might lead to fighting among themselves. There is need therefore for these tribes to unite and live in harmony. Peace is a prerequisite to development.

As it is not enough, tribalism may lead to voter apathy.

This happens when the person contesting that seat is coming from another tribe. Local residents will shun away from voting.

No wonder, Zambia members of Parliament many of them are representatives from their regions so as to get votes from their fellow tribes men.  It is very rare to see a Bemba standing in Southern Province or a Tonga contesting in Luapula.

To add on, tribalism has made people to stop intermarriages.  Intermarriages are a key to national unity. When people are united, development is the end result. There is need therefore to promote intermarriages in the country so as to end this talk of tribalism.

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