Before Zambians vote in the August 11, 2016 presidential and general elections, we should think twice on which pair of top party leaders to choose in the forthcoming elections. Analysing the personality and the past of each pair of the top party leadership and voting wisely would sustain peace, stability and economic prosperity of Mother Zambia. Please, vote wisely.

One of the clauses in the amended Constitution demands that any presidential candidate should have a running mate. Such a clause is a blessing not only to Zambia in case something happens to the sitting president which might incapacitate her or him to effectively manage Zambia’s public affairs but it is also benefits each political party to have a leadership succession plan whenever the incumbent party leader retires according to respective party constitution, is incapacitated or dies.

But for whatever reasons, the choice of some presidential candidates on the respective running mates creates concerns among many Zambians on the future of many political parties and that of Zambia; especially if such a pair top party leadership forms government after the forthcoming polls. Some running mates are a disaster not only to a respective party but also to Zambia even before such a pair wins in the August 11, 2016 elections!

Look at some of the presidential running mates in the nine (9) political parties participating in next elections. Some are clearly promising to benefit all Zambians while some are an eye-sore and traumatising to many Zambians; especially if their respective party forms government after such polls.

In short, in most political parties, both the presidential candidate and his or her running are liabilities not only to the respective parties but also to Zambia if voters vote for a political party with such a pair of top party leaders.

What is an issue is the personality of a presidential candidate and his or her running mate because the character of the two top leaders positively or negatively affects the possibility of that party winning in the next elections.

Moreover, in case the president of the party who will also be a republican president is incapacitated, can a vice president of the party who is also a republican vice president; but with horrible personality keep both the party and the country united and in peace? Can’t he or she take advantage of seemingly abundant government resources and opportunities to amass more wealth in a dubious manner to the disadvantage of many Zambians?

Someone said: ‘Yes, some presidential running mates are really awful in personality. But they can change for the better when they are in national political leadership.’ So, you want Zambians to experiment and risk on national political leadership?

Another person said one presidential running mate has already realised that he is a liability in a respective party; especially as that party goes to August 11, 2016 polls. It is further reported that as a result, even the respective presidential candidate has discovered such a situation; and both (the presidential candidate and his running mate) are now looking at each other with gloomy, green suspicious eyes because their party is likely to lose in the next elections due to an overwhelming horrible personality of the running mate.

Information reaching Daily Nation’s Sunday Analysis Desk is that most presidential candidates have transformed their initial seemingly vibrant parties into a punctured ox-cart without a pair of oxen to pull it forward to the respective party’s goal and Zambia’s route to further unity, peace and economic prosperity!

Most party members and Zambians in general don’t want to risk having a leader in a party and a republican president who can mess up everything just because such a person has wrong attitude towards others with a high element of selfishness and greed or is in politics for his or her personal business’ interests.

Some party members and most Zambians in general aren’t just looking at how small or big bodied a presidential running mate is; or how poor or rich such a person is. Most Zambians are looking at the big picture of the future of Mother Zambia.

For instance, how can a presidential candidate nominate someone who confessed that he was in politics for personal business’ interests when he was in government as his or her running mate?

These and many others are the issues which are brewing among many Zambians which have made some political parties to be written off even before they participate in the forthcoming elections.

And some members of the most negatively affected political party are even thinking of forming their own political party before the forthcoming elections to register their serious concerns about the political crisis a respective presidential candidate has created in their initially seemingly formidable political party.

It’s reported that even the oldest and most loyal party members are now planning to defect to a party with high potential of winning in the next elections because they are disappointed with the choice of a running mate their party president has chosen.

Such developments, and with another clause in the amended Constitution demanding a winning president to garner 50 per cent plus one votes of total votes cast, one wonders how some political parties with a combination of wrong personalities of a presidential candidate and his or her running mate will score such a vote to win in the forthcoming elections.

The calibre of a running mate in most political parties has finally decided which pair of the top party leaders will carry the day after the August 11, 2016 elections.

So, which pair is the best for Zambia’s next government?

It’s from such an analysis that a certain presidential candidate is warming up for his likely en route to or continued stay in State House.

This is because while some presidential candidates were looking at how best to win in the next elections, some party presidential candidates and many Zambians were looking at promoting unity, peace and stability in both the respective party and among Zambians through the calibre of a running mate of a party participating in the next elections.

Therefore, as we approach August 11, 2016 polls, Zambians should continue seriously considering national political leadership’s talent identification to elect the best pair of the top two political party leaders to form government after the stated polls.

And taking the lead in such national political leadership’s talent identification, among others, is former vice president in the Movement for Multi-party Democracy(MMD), Enock Kavindele who advises Zambians not to experiment in national political leadership by voting for any other political party; but to vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF (Patriotic Front) in the August 11, 2016 polls because he (Mr Kavindele) claims that most other parties are still immature in their politics and cannot run public affairs for the benefit of all Zambians.

Already, one of the major opposition parties, MMD under the leadership of Felix Mutati has formed a political alliance with PF because they feel that the latter is the only party with two top party leaders with a heart for Zambia. Massive infrastructure development and economic empowerment programmes President Lungu and his government has put in place to improve on socio-economic services, improve on the living standards of many Zambians and cushion some Zambians from the negative impact from worldwide economic ills and low copper prices on the world market attest to this.

To prove this point further, some faith-based organisations and most traditional leaders in almost all the regions have urged Zambians to vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF to continue implementing community projects because of his tested unique leadership qualities through his humility and ability to unite 73 Zambian ethnic groups with a heart to make Zambia a better place to live in. It has been argued that this is also true about President Lungu’s running mate, Her Honour, the vice president, Mama Inonge Wina.

In your view, which pair of the top two party leaders can facilitate making Zambia a better place to live in for all Zambians? It’s better to decide now; and vote wisely on August 11, 2016 elections.

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