Wishing Lungu sick is evil, says NGO

IT IS evil to always wish others sick as human life is more sacred than the respect some politicians wish to earn, says Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga in a statement yesterday said that wishing sickness for others was not only inhuman but ‘‘unchristian, barbaric and evil’’, urging those who were fond of doing so to stop.

He wondered what would be the benefit of politicians wishing President Edgar Lungu ill through  rumor-mongering and gossip.

Mr Mulenga called all well-meaning Zambians to wish the Head of State good health and wondered what would happen if the same people wishing Mr Lungu ill were to attain power.

“The unchristian tendency being employed by a known political party to always wish others sick is not only inhuman but satanic. What benefit would that be if one of them fell sick?

‘‘Human life is more sacred than the respect they want to earn in an evil way. We call those with evil thoughts to stop this barbaric act,” he said.

He said that if the President were to fall sick it would affect the entire country, quoting a Bemba adage that says the sickness of a ruler affects the entire kingdom.

“It is the duty of all well-meaning Zambians to wish the sitting President well. If we continue this evil attitude, what will happen in the unlikely event that those wishing President Lungu ill came into power? Would they be happy if they were wished the same?”

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