Candidate pledges Police Post

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kwacha constituency parliamentary candidate Joe Malanji has said if elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwacha constituency on August 11, he will construct a modern Police Post at the newly constructed Mufuchani bridge so that police officers could guard against all forms of vandalism at the newly constructed bridge.

Mr Malanji said the construction of a modern police post at Mufuchani bridge was one of the things he would work on soon after being elected MP, especially that some people had already started vandalising the bolts and nuts of the bridge and also the cables to the security lights.

He was reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s directive that incoming MP Joe Malanji should construct a police post at Mufuchani bridge so that police officers could keep vigil and ensure that whoever was tampering with the newly constructed bridge was arrested and faced the wrath of the law.

Last weekend on Saturday, during the handover of the Mufuchani bridge, President Lungu strongly cautioned everyone to guard against vandalism of the Mufuchani bridge, saying that he was saddened to learn that some unscrupulous people had already started vandalising electricity cables that were providing lighting to the bridge.

And in response yesterday,  Mr Malanji said he would implement the President’ s directive soon after being elected Kwacha MP because it was important that infrastructure like bridges were guarded from all forms of vandalism.

“I can’t do it now because the opposition will cry and say I am bribing the voters. So I will wait after I am elected MP, then I will put up a modern police post at Mufuchani bridge,” Mr Malanji said.

And Mr Malanji has said President Lungu had been providing outstanding and inspirational leadership compared to most of the opposition leaders who thrive on vulgar language, mudslinging, innuendos and personal attacks.

He said President Lungu had proved to be a mature and inspirational leader by not holding press conferences to respond to attacks from opposition leaders, but to discuss important national issues affecting Zambians.

He said, unlike the opposition, President Lungu had clearly exhibited that Zambia was on the right path to economic recovery, hence Zambians would do well to vote for PF and President Lungu on August 11.

He said it was surprising that the opposition who claimed to have the solutions to the country’s problems were failing to tell Zambians how they would solve the country’s problems if voted into government, but were busy attacking President Lungu in some sections of the media.

“The opposition has no issues to tell Zambians apart from innuendos, name-calling and mudslinging and issuing statements that aim at inciting Zambians. So, Zambians should ignore the opposition and vote for President Lungu because he is humble and has the interest of Zambians at heart.


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