The shame of Chainda’s slums

ILLICIT drinking and smoking among the youth is worrying parents and guardians of Lusaka’s Chainda compound.

Chainda township is one of the most undeveloped areas on Lusaka where residents live in slapdash structures that they have come to call their homes.

And Esther Kunda, a  kachasu illicit spirit brewer, said for many of them their  only way of survival is through illicit acts that would put her on the run from the law enforcers, because Kachasu was illegal.

Concerned parents and guardians from Chainda and surrounding areas have since called on Lusaka City Council (LCC) and other law enforcing wings to curb the ever increasing sale of Kachasu in the area.

Yombwe Musa said young men have now started abusing the cheap alcohol which is readily available in most households in Chainda adding that the youths were being intoxicated as early as 06:00hrs.

He alleged that under-age people were also consuming Kachasu in large quantities coupled with excessive smoking of atrophic substances, because it was cheap and found anywhere within the compound.

Jackson Kamutumwa, a resident of Kamanga Township, said it was unfortunate that the illicit beer had continued to trade despite it being illegal.

And Monde Hamweemba of Esther compound has called on the council to ensure that people involved in the trade of the illicit beer were brought to book because the beer is a social menace and it was too concentrated and people just take it without even diluting.

LCC Public Relations Manager Habeenzu Mulunda said people with information should come forward to help in tracing the origins of the illicit alcohol.

Mr Habeenzu said LCC was doing everything possible to ensure that all those who were involved in the sale of illicit alcohol were brought to book.

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