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UPND campaign messages flat, awful


Surely, does UPND have a functional Public Relations team? If so, then it is dysfunctional. One has to look at its political adverts. They are not appealing to the would-be voters. What message are they sending out portraying a widow and a handicap on wheel chair to mention but a few? Is this not indirectly maligning these groups of people? How can these kinds of adverts counter those of the PF? Very poorly done!

S.K Chishimba,  Mufulira


  The PF Ndola mega rally


The PF mega rally at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium was held on a wrong day when the Copperbelt Agriculture and Commercial Show was in full gear, hence the reported failure by PF supporters to fill up the stadium as patronage was shared between the Agriculture Show and the PF rally. In order to properly gauge the popularity of PF on the Copperbelt, it’s advisable that the party organises another rally when the province would be devoid of any major activity.

PF Supporter.



The nuisance of insignificant political parties


I am highly concerned with the increase in the number of political parties, a situation I term as “ututemba”. Some of these political parties have no structures on the grassroots level but when it’s time for elections, they manage to pay their nomination fees. They don’t even campaign but they want to govern Zambia one day. I don’t know if these political parties are just there to split votes and confuse illiterate voters.

Chitamuka Joel. Samfya.

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