Church condemns false prophets ‘robbing people in the name of God’

THE Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) is saddened by the continued reports of false prophets masquerading as men of God and swindling people of their money by ‘‘deceiving people that they can do all sorts of ungodly things’’.

EFZ executive director Pukuta Mwanza said it was unfortunate that some people had resorted to abusing the name of God and using it for their own selfish purposes.

Rev Mwanza said there was need for the police and other law enforcers to ensure that they brought all the culprits to book without fail.

He said people should not be allowed to go around deceiving others and swindling them out of money and other materials in the name of being prophets.

Rev Mwanza said the law should punish anyone caught masquerading as a prophet and deceiving people so that the trend can come to an end.

“It is saddening that people are now using the name of God to carry out ungodly activities with no consideration whatsoever to the fact that Zambia is a Christian nation and as such people need to conduct themselves in a godly manner that does not dent the image of the country,’’ he said.

Rev Mwanza also said people should not take advantage of those seeking prayers.

He said Zambians believed in the power of prayer and that was why they turned to prophets when they were in trouble so that they could be helped and those asked to do so should not worsen their situation or take advantage of them.

The church was a place where people were supposed to find solutions as well ascomfort and not where they were taken advantage of.

He said  true prophets were respected people not just in the various societies but also at national level and that was why it was important for people masquerading as prophets to stop doing so because they were denting the image of many other men and women of God.

Rev Mwanza also urged members of the public to be wary of the kind of prophets they went to and allowed in their homes.

– Millennium Radio 90.5FM


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