UTH oxygen plant still down


THE UNIVERSITY Teaching Hospital has continued spending over K100, 000 weekly on oxygen gas procurement despite assurances that repairs on the plant would have been concluded by February 2016.

UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga disclosed to the Daily Nation yesterday that the oxygen plant was still not operational and the hospital has been forced to continue procuring the life saving gas in cylinders.

The oxygen plant at the largest health institution in Zambia broke down due to lack of maintenance works following alleged failure by management to arrange for frequent servicing of the plant by the suppliers.

Mr Mulenga said the maintenance works could not take place without a certain piece of equipment required to be replaced at every service, but which was not available and has since been ordered from the manufacturers.

“The oxygen plant is still down because there is a spare part that needs to be replaced and the suppliers have made an order from the manufacturers. Not until it is ready, they cannot come over to proceed with the maintenance works.

“And the hospital has continued to procure the oxygen gas externally from other suppliers for use in patient care and treatment,” he said.

Mr Mulenga explained that they were waiting to hear from the suppliers when the spare parts could be ready so that the maintenance team would travel and commence works on the oxygen plant.

And Mr Mulenga has revealed that upgrading of UTH had reached advanced an level with the filter clinic almost complete with very few interior works left to be completed.

He said the specialised filter clinic would be ready soon, as all the exterior works had been completed and all that remained was a few interiors fittings to be done in the new three storey building.

Meanwhile, works on the construction of a modernised car park would be restored soon following amendments to the tender documents to increase the number of support pillars holding up the upper deck.

Mr Mulenga said most of the works including equipment supply and installation had either been procured or were were nearing completion.

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