Govt acts on illegal taxis

PIRATE taxis driving around without the roof taxi lamp and unlicensed will be impounded, says RTSA senior public relations manager Frederick Mubanga.

Mr Mubanga has appealed to the travelling general public to use appropriate mode of transport and vehicles that were registered.

He said the regulation was aimed at addressing the concern of pirate taxis that were being used for the conveyance of passengers on hire without being licensed.

Mr. Mubanga warned that the agency will not tolerate lawlessness on the road.

And some taxi drivers talked to accused RTSA of failing to control pirating in the transport sector which had continued to grow at alarming rate.

James Msoni of Lusaka’s town centre explained that currently there were four kinds of taxis operating on the streets including the fully registered ones with the approved reflective ribbons.

“We have four types of taxis on the road: registered taxis with red plates and ribbons, with uniformed drivers; the blue painted vehicles with red plates but no ribbons; the unregistered pirate taxis and now the Miles Sampa yellow Metro Cabs without red plates, no ribbons and drivers do not wear uniforms,” he said.

Mr. Msoni said only registered taxis paid taxes to Government and local authorities while the other three categories operated illegally as they did not comply with the laws governing the public transport sector.

He charged that RTSA had allowed illegality in the taxi business because the law was against taxis which failed to formalize their obligations as public service vehicles.

Carious Hamweene said most unregistered taxis were being driven by unlicensed drivers and had fake licences, adding that police officers were among the culprits with vehicles operating as unregistered taxis.

Mr Hamweene said some customers preferred hiring unregistered cars which encouraged car owners not to register their vehicles as taxis which had seen some taxi drivers murdered by bandits because of using unregistered vehicles.

There has been an increase in the number of taxis on the streets but only a few were registered as authorized operators, hence lawlessness on the streets had also contributed to the high number of accidents and failure to comply with traffic rules.

Mr. Hamweene wondered how the agency had managed to apply the law on mini buses but failed to do the same with pirate taxis.

Transport and Communication minister Kapembwa Simbao said Government was losing huge sums of revenue through taxis operating without road service licenses.

Dr. Simbao appealed to the general public to comply with RTSA regulations to avoid being in conflict with traffic law enforcement officers.

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