When is UPND running mate being named?


I am sure I am not the only one waiting anxiously to know who will be HH’s running mate. I know he is having problems but we warned him about accepting discarded elements into UPND. Those MoUs he quickly signed with whoever turned up at the UPND doorstep will haunt him and cost him an election he badly needs to win. It is a matter of time.

UPND sympathiser.


Troy, you got it all wrong  


Reference is made to the letter written by Mr. Troy Mukupa titled “GBM’s wife’s blind submission”. I do not agree with my brother because while he quoted the Bible he does not seem to understand that they very Bible talks about change in a human being. It talks of Paul changing from a murderer to a preacher and from brutality to love. Ms. Mwamba should not be branded as a blind submissive wife for the past mistakes her husband committed to her which she has forgiven.

Charles Kaputi,



Aspiring Grade 12 cheats 


We should thank the Electoral Commission of Zambia for revealing that our aspiring  representatives forged Grade 12 certificates. Shame on you lazy MPs. Let the Anti-Corruption Commission come in and arrest them like they did to Steven Masumba. ACC, this is where people will give you undoubted support in future if you do this one. They got those costly paying jobs using fake documents. We want you to openly name them regardless of their gender, position or political affiliation. I am really saddened by these revelations.

Sailas Imikani


Where is the change at

Football House?


The preparations are inadequate especially for a crucial game like the one coming up. I personally hoped to see a change in the way things are done with the coming in of the new administration at Football House but, alas, so far the “difference is just the same”. Good luck to the boys never the less.

Richard Bweupe.




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