Trade Kings should stop  casualization


I would like to ask the Patriotic Front government as to what they have done on casualisation of labour in Zambia. I say so because Trade Kings has been employing workers on causal basis for many years and yet, there is no action from the so-called listening and working government.  Workers have been going to the Labour office, but sadly no action has been taken. I, therefore, appeal to President Lungu to intervene in this matter. We want permanent and contractual jobs

Concerned worker


Well done PF over Mongu –Kalabo Road


If one properly recalls the contractor to do the Mongu-Kalabo road during the reign of the late President Levy P.Mwanawasa, the project was abandoned due to poor workmanship resulting in loss of colossal sums of money. Let’s put politics aside and give credit where it is due. The Patriotic Front government has to be congratulated on this score.




Adoption process turns into futuristic dystopia?


Zambia’s 2016 parliamentary adoption fever is certainly something which is going to cause a lot of disorder or is it already a futuristic dystopia?

Clark D. Moses



Zambians and their poor reading culture


During the launch of PF campaign launch at National Heroes Stadium, President Edgar Lungu confirmed that Zambia accepted help from International Monetary Fund.  However, he was quick to say that he also did not know the package as he had not read it. Ironically, he blamed Zambians for poor reading culture. Why not be open and start preparing citizens mentally on impending harder times to come as former president Frederick Chiluba did before coming into power in 1991. Don’t come and blame external forces (IMF) as the cause of problems.

Rogers K.





GBM, Scott bad leaders


UPND vice-president administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and former Republican Vice-President Dr.Guy Scott should stop their tribal talk. I was greatly shocked to hear GBM and Dr.Scott’s tribal utterances on Muvi TV news on Friday 27, 2016.  GBM openly appealed to the largely Bemba crowd in Kasama to vote out President Edgar Lungu because they were Bembas and him was an Easterner. Dr. Scott followed suit, alleging that Edgar Lungu was failing the PF in Eastern Province. Are these the leaders Zambians want who are campaigning on tribal lines?

James Chola



The shame of political  prostitution


Former vice-president Guy Scott, Hon. Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata and others left PF because it was hijacked by MMD. At the same time Hon.Brain Chituwo, Hon.Prof Lungwagwa, Hon.Kabinga Pande, Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane and many others left MMD citing poor leadership of party president Dr.Nevers Mumba. And they have hijacked UPND. What is going to happen now that Nevers Mumba has formed a pact with UPND? Are they going to leave UPND?


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