Which political party has Nevers Mumbas led Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD)s faction gone into alliance with? Is this surprising or its normal? Why are politicians going into alliance with or joining political parties or fellow politicians who they differed with before?

Considering many statements and events which demonstrated and still show that some politicians and some political parties were parallel like the North and South Poles, one didn’t expect some politicians to join or to work with some political parties or work with other fellow politicians!

Probably because Zambia is a Christian nation; and perhaps because the church organisations have had various reconciliatory meetings at different times for some years now, some Zambian politicians have realised that there are no permanent enemies in politics.

Who knew that at a certain time in her life, former Petauke Central Member of Parliament who is also former information and broadcasting minister in the former MMD’s administration, Dora Siliya would join Patriotic Front (PF) government after reflecting on few unpalatable exchanges of words with PF and its former leader, late Michael Sata? Surely, today, Mama Dora Siliya is comfortably one of the cabinet ministers in PF’s government.

You remember former President, late Levy Mwanawasa inviting United Party for National Development (UPND)’s leader, Hakainde Hichilema to join MMD so that they can work together to develop Southern province and Zambia? The latter rejected the former’s offer on grounds that late Mwanawasa’s MMD administration was full of corrupt people. Even former President, Rupiah Banda invited HH to join MMD’s regime; but he refused on the same reasons he gave late Dr Mwanawasa. Is it, therefore, astonishing that HH today embraces MMD’s members and their leaders in UPND?

And Mulenga Sata’s father, late Michael Sata used to call HH as an Under-5; and cartoons used to circulate on social media and in some circles of newspapers showing late Sata carrying young Under-5 HH on his back. Is it surprising that HH today embraces Michael Sata’s son as one of his lieutenants in UPND after Mulenga’s late father described HH as an Under-5?

Do you remember that HH publicly called former vice-president, Guy Scot as one of the most foolish white man (muzungu wopusa) he (HH) has ever seen? Where is the most muzungu wopusa now? Dr Scot is now one of the top UPND’s political engineers; with his wife, Charlotte reportedly standing on UPND’s ticket in Lusaka Central in the forthcoming elections!

This implies that HH who described MMD and PF leaderships as corrupt; and refused to go into political alliances with such political parties is now cuddling the perceived corrupt politicians among whom are self-confessed former MMD’s and PF’s officials who when they were in respective governments said they were in government for politics of benefits or for their personal business’ interests.

Moreover, a traditional leader in Southern province, senior headperson Mugonko who is reportedly a spokesperson for Chief Mweemba in the stated region said, Miles Sampa described Tongas as dull people (Daily Nation:26/5/2016;p.3). But today, HH, though being a staunch Tonga himself, has accepted to work with Sampa in UPND perhaps to ensure that the former wins in the August 11, 2016 polls as headperson Mugonko interpreted such a seemingly strange political alliance. Senior headperson Mugonko also remembered and reminded us that even the current UPND’s vice-president for administration, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) uttered sarcastic words against the Tongas while the latter was in PF government.

But Sampa and GBM are now political campaign managers for UPND; a seemingly and so-called Bantusan party for Tongas as Post proprietor, Fred M’membe constantly described the UPND. And recently, Dr Scot said they (him and UPND) will cause havoc to PF government until the latter and its MMD friends are out of power after August 11, 2016. How can UPND’s leadership allow MMD’s members who are assumed to be their enemies to join UPND where Dr Scot who hates PF and MMD members is?

What is also interesting is that Dr Mumba is a Christian pastor. But a debate is still raging among some Zambians on whether HH is a Christian or not. To make matters worse to this debate on whether HH is a Christian or not, HH recently said Zambians should pray hard for Armageddon after August 11, 2016 polls if the stated elections won’t be free and fair. Reflecting on what Dr Scot said on causing havoc to PF government; and the pending Armageddon HH promised Zambians, has Pastor Mumba joined the Armageddon team? Can a Christian pastor and perceived warlords have common purpose?

What is behind such perceived strange political alliances? Are these political pacts good for or harmful to Zambia’s peace? Is this a sign of desperation on the part of HH to win August 11, 2016 polls as senior headperson Mugonko observed?

Whatever way one might interpret such amazing political pacts which don’t consider ideologies, personality traits, past relationships, what one did or said for or against public interest, etc, such case studies prove that there are no permanent enemies in politics.

However, considering what HH said against Dr Scot; and also that Sampa said against Tongas, it also proves that even fools can interact well with the wise or vice-versa for common purpose at a given time. Now what is this purpose? Only to remove President Lungu and PF government from power as Dr Scot puts it?

By the way, Rainbow Party leader, Wynter Kabimba was also against HH when the former was secretary general of PF; and former justice minister in PF government. But at a certain time, Mr Kabimba, despite his party following socialism’s ideology had endorsed HH for August 11, 2016 polls. What happened for Mr Kabimba to quickly withdraw his support for HH; and start organising his almost moribund party at that time?

Are Kabimba and HH still perceived enemies in politics? If Dora Siliya and PF; Dr Scot and HH; Pastor Mumba and HH and many others can reconcile despite being discerned as political foes in the past, why not Kabimba and HH? Can HH’s perceived enmity be permanent because Kabimba’s socialism and UPND’s capitalism cannot mix?

From the observations in the current political pacts and presidential endorsements, one can conclude that something good can happen between or among political rivals.

Thus, the whole episode reminds us of Matthews 22: 36-39 (Good News for Modern Man) which enjoins us to love our God; The Creator; and also to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. The Bible also teaches us to forgive each other so that God, the Almighty, can also forgive us as stated in Matthews 6: 12. Furthermore, the Bible teachings in Luke 6: 27-31 also urges us to love our enemies. And Matthews 7: 1-5 and Luke 6: 37-38 remind us not to judge others as we might have more sins than those we judge.

It’s from such a background that soon or later, one expects Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)’s leader, Edith Nawakwi to hug President Lungu as a sign of reconciliation. One also expects HH embracing President Lungu before August 11, 2016 polls as a life reunion.

One also prays hard that even those in Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) like former environment and natural resources minister in the former MMD’s regime, William Harrington who want to take us back to 1964 when Zambia is now ‘One Zambia; One Nation’ with unity and economic progress in all her regions, will learn to forgive each other through forgetting about what was abrogated in 1969 against the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Therefore, whatever personal and political reconciliations and alliances that some political parties and their leaders are doing should be in line with the above stated Biblical teachings. Interestingly, such Biblical teachings also support our Zambia’s motto: ‘One Zambia; One Nation which President Lungu promotes among Zambians.

Eventually, from such lessons, one further expects even the PF’s and UPND’s political party cadres to ceasefire so that such reconciliations and political alliances translate into sustained peace and stability in mother Zambia.

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  1. Jeff Geoffrey says:

    I suggest a government of national unity!


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