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New MMD leaders opportunists?


Our new MMD leaders are nothing but opportunistic and selfish individuals. Anyway there will be another convention in 2021. They called Mumba all sorts of names and openly said MMD is not for sale.

MMD member.


 Kalabo road: What has PF done?  


PF found the Mongu-Kalabo road being worked on. It was started by Mwanawasa; Rupiah brought the Chinese contractor to finish the job. Now what has PF done? Everything was well planned by the time they came into power. They have failed to finish the Solwezi-Chingola road where copper is coming from.




Kalabo road: Credit must go to PF 


Even though MMD might have started the project, why didn’t they finish it in all the 20 years they were in power? It is strange that what took someone 20 years can take another five years. Credit goes to PF because I never saw major projects in MMD that I have seen now.

Naomi N. Chiluba.


 My vote will cost someone a job


I write to complain about the way ZESCO employees  at the call centre handle some complaints when we call them for  assistance. I have had no power since Monday and they keep on asking me the fault report number but no action is taken to restore power. My food has gone bad after my hard earned money was spent that I can feed my family. Please, my vote will cost someone out of employment come August 11.

Concerned mother, Mtendere.


 Why can’t Post take police to Malawian voters?


I am disappointed by the Post newspaper for not taking up the challenge of their foreign voters’ expose. They claim to have  interviewed the Malawian voters and they know  them and where they stay. Why can’t the Post take the police there? To me Garry Nkombo and Sylvia Masebo don’t know what they reported to police apart from a story which was published in the Post.

MK, Ndola


 This is for ECZ


If people managing ECZ were sensible, morally upright and of high integrity, they would act to begin to rectify mistakes identified so far. Print the baĺlots in South Africa. And don’t move voters from where they were registered to unknown polling stations.

Mweemba M. Humphrey.


 Load shedding in Garden House area


I would like to comment on the change of load-shedding timetable here in Garden House. Power goes at 15:00 hours and comes at 22:00 hours. Previously power would go at 14:00 hours and come back at 22:00 hours. Sometimes power would go at 12:00 hours and comes back at 20:00 hours. May ZESCO explain this because people are not happy. May you heed President Lungu’s directive of not load shedding us especially during news time. We want to be watching news too. Please don’t make us slaves in our own country.

Concerned citizen.


SA white farmers welcome but…


Much as South African farming investors are welcome, the Zambian Government should be careful with the land issue and what is the Government’s programme on the promotion of peasant farmers to commercial farmers? Conversely, what is more important: To promote local farmers or import farmers?

KG Sakala

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