Adoptions worry PF youths

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) youths are deeply worried about the adoption process for the parliamentary, executive mayors and councillors and fear that some of the candidates who have been  suggested for adoption could make it difficult for the ruling party to retain power.

Julius Komaki, a strong PF zealot, has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to critically reflect and scrutinise some of the central committee members who have been adopted and were even celebrating before the official list had been released.

He said the PF should not take the risk of re-adopting some of the former MPs who had been rejected in their constituencies but had bulldozed their way onto the adoption list.

Mr Komaki, who survived some of the most violent clashes when the PF was divided said yesterday that while President Lungu would be an easy product to sell during the campaigns, the fear was that some central committee members had allegedly manoeuvred their way on to the adoption list even when they were not popular.

“We have great respect for the MCCs, which is the supreme decision-making organ of the PF. They had been sitting for days now trying to adopt parliamentary, executive mayors and councillors and their decision is usually final. But we want to appeal to President Lungu to take keen interest in this adoption process because we fear that some of the adoptions may impact negatively on the campaigns. We should not forget where we came from and some of the MCCs do not mean well and they tolerated former vice-president to deliberately fail to interpret the party constitution after the death of President Michael Sata,” Mr Komaki said.

Mr Komaki said it was important for President Lungu to know that the youths were deeply concerned with some of the adoptions because some candidates that had reportedly been given adoption certificates had been rejected at all levels.

He said the youths were aware that some MCCs had used their unscrupulous methods to win adoptions yet, they were not popular on the grassroots.

“President Lungu should not allow the central committee to look at the faces of people when adopting candidates. Some MCCs are popular only within the central committee and that the leadership should seriously listen to the grassroots who were the real foot soldiers in the campaigns. With the amended Constitution which has come with the 50+1 percent provision, it is critical that the PF should have popular and strong candidates at all levels,” Mr Komaki said. Mr Komaki said the UPND was deliberately delaying to announce its candidates because it was waiting to jump and adopt all the popular candidates that would be left out by the PF.

He said President Lungu’s victory in the coming general elections would largely depend on the popularity of the parliamentary candidates that would be adopted by the central committee.

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