Rigging claims baseless, says Musoma

By Nation Reporter

EDITH Nawakwi is a political nonentity who is just escorting other candidates in this years election and her claims of rigging should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has charged.

And the ZRP has charged that all those who shunned this year’s Africa Freedom Day cerebrations at State House yesterday were ‘‘politically retarded’’ people who failed to differentiate between national events and political gatherings.

Reacting to Ms. Nawakwi’s statement that there would be consequences for any attempts to rig this year’s election, ZRP president Wright Musoma wondered how Ms. Nawakwi could join the bandwagon, chanting the rigging slogan when it was obvious she was going to lose the August polls.

Mr. Musoma said Ms. Nawakwi was either inadvertently or purposefully failing to come to terms with the dawning reality that she was again merely escorting presidential candidates in this election because she had no support worth noting across the country.

“How many supporters does she even have across the country? How many free and fair elections have we had from the time that she became president of FDD which she has lost? She is just a noise maker who is merely escorting serious contenders in this election.

“There is no way Ms. Nawakwi should be parroting the message of rigging elections because she can never win any election. If she believes elections will be rigged, why doesn’t she come out in the open to tell Zambians how that will be done if she has evidence? As ZRP, we believe even the pictures and stories that some people are peddling are just stage-managed. How come it is the same people talking about the same issue?” Mr. Musoma asked.

He said it was sad that Ms. Nawakwi had continued to issue baseless, exaggerated and unwarranted statements against the PF even when she knew that she was not a factor in Zambian politics, adding that she should stop making statements on behalf of other politicians who had the mantle to win an election because it was evident that she was just a participant and not contender in every election.

He said the continued accusations against the ruling party as scheming to rig the elections were baseless and was just an excuse that the opposition was using because it was aware that it was headed for a heavy defeat.

And Mr. Musoma said it was shameful that there were individuals who were taking politics too personal and had continued to shun national events which did not have any political inclination due to their bitterness that they were not in Government.

He said in as much as politicians belonged to different groupings with their policies and manifestos at variant with each other, it was illogical and lack of patriotism for anyone to shun an event like the Africa Freedom Day celebrations.

He said real patriots who had the heart and vision to rule the country would never shun such important events because that amounted to betraying the spirit of freedom fighters who did not consider their personal differences but looked at the aggregate picture of liberating the country.

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