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Essay Question: How does tribalism affect national development?

Category 1: Pupils in Grades 10-12

Name: Betty Nakazwe

Age: 16

Sex:  Female

School: Saint Marys Secondary

District: Lusaka


y tribe is Zambian. This is a slogan used to address the tribalism that is currently taking place in the country.

Tribalism is defined as behaviours and attitudes that are based onb beingloyal to one’s ethic groups. It plays demonstrating roles in economic and poltical matters and is one of the most common causes of conflicts in most countries. Thus, it hinders national development in the following ways;

To start with, tribalism causes poltical division. Due to the constant viewing of one’s tribe to be above the others,political parties are formed based on tribe and citizesns tedn to cast votes in favour of their tribal relatives. This causes division in the country and may lead electorate to elect worng people into power. As a result, theunfit leader makes wrong decisions and puts the country’s well-being at risk.

Another effect of tribalism on economic development is that it reduces workers’s productivity. You will find that employment will no longer given to according to one’s academic qualifications, instead, it will be given purely on the basis one’s ethnic group. This causes most eligible hard working people to remain unemployed whilst people with out qualifications are goven positions which are supposed to be occupied by the well qualified. This therefore reduces the productivity which will in turn lower the rate at which the country delopes.

Tribalism tends to affect the country’s intenal peace. If some tribes do not respect other tribes, sooner than later tribal differences start thereby leading to conflict. We also know that in a country where there is no peace, no investors would wish to bring his or her investment. This therefore follows that investment from other countries will also go down. Additionally, when wars break out due to tribal differences, many people, human capital are killed,bulidigns  meant for economic development are demolished and more money is spent on peace keeping. Surely, can a country develop in this state? The answer is a sure no.

Tribalism makes it almost impossible to eradicate corruption, prejudice and stereotyping . The loyalty of one person to another allows them to tolerate misdeamenours performed by their tribesmen. It is this same loyalty that stops one from exposing a fellow tribalisman seem to be taking part in corruption. As is it not enough, tribalism also creates distrust and hatred and obstructs inter-tribal relations. With tribalism in the way, cooperation cannot be achived and progress cannot be made.  Just like the saying goes, ‘’One hand can never make a sound’’. Therefore, without cooperation the country cannot develop economicall or socially because of constant hared between or among tribes.

All in all, the nations in general have its development slowed down. Therefore, extreme measures need to be taken so as to ensure that the national development is not hindred and that the nation can live as one in perfect harmony

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