South traditional leader tells ECZ to stand firm


A TRADITIONAL leader in Southern Province has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to remain resolute and not allow the opposition political party to dictate to it on which firm should print the ballot papers for this year’s election.

In a letter to ECZ chairperson Esau Chulu dated 20th May, 2016 which was also copied to State House, Chief Mweemba’s senior headman Mugonko said it was wrong for the opposition to be interfering with the operations of the Commission because it was an autonomous body which had the power to make decisions without consulting anyone.

The traditional leader said the ECZ should go ahead and engage the printing company in Dubai since it had met all the requirements needed for it to do the business on behalf of the Commission as cancelling the tender had legal implications which the ECZ may not cope with.

He said there was need for ECZ to ignore the ranting of the opposition and act in the best interest of the Zambians as further delays in implementing the printing of ballots would put the institution in an awkward position.

He said if the opposition were not ready for the election, they were at liberty to stay away rather than bringing unnecessary agitation.

He said there was no single political party that should be given preference at the expense of others, adding that no single entity should dictate to the Commission on how it should operate because it had a clear term of reference and mandate to facilitate elections in Zambia.

“My position as a senior citizen and senior headman is that you should be firm and ignore the uncalled for behaviour of these individuals who are not representing the people of Zambia but their selfish personal interests. Their continued attacks and accusations on the ECZ is a sign of failed political parties,” he said.

He warned that some traditional leaders in the Southern Province would take it personal and institute legal action against the Commission should it cancel the tender.

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