Edgar Lungu wins musicians’ support

By Terence Miselo

As the campaigns heat up, several local musicians have chosen to back the candidature of Republican President and Patriotic Front candidate Edgar Chagwa Lungu in the forthcoming August 11 elections.

The musicians most of whom were at the PF Campaign Launch Rally that took place at Heroes Stadium  on Saturday have shown the support for the ruling PF and the candidature of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu through various compositions of songs of solidarity to the party.

Others have openly declared the support for President Lungu insisting that changing leadership will derail the developmental process the ruling party has put in place. Most of them have argued that the PF government through the creation of the ministry of arts has shown commitment to uphold the standards of arts in Zambia.

Last week, veteran guitarist, singer and painter 2wice announced his endorsement through the release of the song, ‘Mupeleniko Chance,’ that has since been redone in various versions including Jazz to suit the different audiences.

The release followed several other campaign songs that musicians have willingly done to offer support to the PF and its leadership.

Sensational singer JK and his peers Kayombo and Wile have collaborated on the song, ‘Sontapo’ which apparently is the PF campaign slogan for the 2016 elections. Under the same tile, ‘Sontapo’, several other artistes have given their touch by releasing songs in different dimensions and genre.

Shimaster of the Mwela onse fame is among the many that have expressed the Sontapo slogan coupled with the ‘Sela tubombeko,’ in song and dance. His song ‘Sela tubombeko,’ outlines the many projects the PF has done in its reign.

Shenky Sugar of the Kontamapo anthem is also on board with the ‘Sontapo epowabomba,’ and so is PF music machine ‘Dandy Krazy’. Dandy’s latest is a song called, ‘Mwilungu’ where he is explaining the benefits in the PF government.

Chester who apparently is the music anchorman has also released a number of tracks for the PF with ‘Mpaka Litente’ and ‘ Sonta Epowabomba’ featuring Mampi enjoying the playlists.

Several other musicians including Macky2 are yet to release their PF songs while gospel artistes are also on the bandwagon of the artistes singing for Lungu.

Nathan Nyirenda, Ephraim, Kings Malembe Malembe and Felix ‘Ndageni Inshila’ are among the many expressing support for Lungu.

Others have even gone to an extent to compose PF songs in various languages to ensure representation of all provinces.

Joseph Kankinda popularly known as Zeka has released two songs insisting on maintaining the PF government which are done in Lozi and Lunda. The musician says there is no need to change government because people have seen the developments the PF has showcased.

His statement is in agreement with another versatile singer, Espen of the Mistaken Identity anthem who says there is nothing wrong with Lungu through the song, ‘Inshimwenemo Icibi Muli Lungu.’

Female artistes Mampi, Dambisa and Kay Figo are also not left out on the many musicians backing Lungu’s candidature.

Other artistes include General Kanene, Dalisoul, Shimba, Rich Bizzy plus many unidentified.

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