Given Mutale: Regardless of where they came from as long as they are Zambian voters, it is okay. The issue of saying they are not Lusaka or Kitwe residents does not hold any water. How can someone travel from wherever if he/she is not a sympathizer of that party?


Moses Nyansa: I think we should stop judging political potential out of the gatherings (rallies). UPND, in the run-up to the 2015 presidential elections, pulled almost same rallies as they did yesterday. But did that translate into actual votes? A big ‘no’. Same applies to PF, though they had the bigger gathering yesterday compared to their opponents, I can safely say those were not Lusaka residents only. Even those who were at the Freedom Park were not all Kitwe residents. In conclusion let me say that all the two front runners are living in deception if they think that they can deceive us using false turnouts at their various rallies. Thank you!


Innocent Lubunda: This is no battle for small animals but two huge  elephants. I won’t say PF will have it easy this year but they stand a higher rate of scooping the August elections. They have to work extra hard, point at issues that will give hope to Zambians. Give a foresight of what they will do next five years. For UPND, the battle is on. They need to change their ways of politicking. There’s too much preaching of violence. Remember two wrongs cannot make a right. If they feel offended let them not fight back with pangas. UPND is a good party that can form government but some of the people HH has put in front are thugs. Bitter tongues of Scott, Miles and Mulenga are the ones making it hard for many to follow HH. Zambians (voters) are too emotional and hate politics of violence. Remember they are fighting for a 50+1 this time. I wish them well.


Chisulo Enock: PF rally was a musical show. The manifesto was not ready due to load shedding but we already know it; they avoided embarrassment while UPND we did not expected such a big crowd in PF’s stronghold


Rhodes Chipengu: Both had what seemed to be successful rallies but that does not mean that the numbers translate into votes. There are many factors to be looked into. Both camps ferried people who are non-residents in the two areas which hosted the two launches respectively. As for Lusaka, the entertainment factor as well played a big role.

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