Zambians can trust Edgar Lungu


Dear Editor,

As we approach the 11 August, 2016 elections, it is imperative that all Zambians beyond tribal, religious and political boundaries across the country begin to reflect on what the PF in government has achieved in five years.

It is not progressive to vote for our tribe’s men and women just for that sake even when we know that their intentions are to improve their businesses through government contracts.

We the majority Zambians can benefit from the many economic policies that the PF government has put in place.

We can apply for funds from  the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and also acquire free entrepreneurship training from TEVETA to create jobs for ourselves and others.

It is  therefore saddening that many of our entrepreneurs complain of lack of government support to their businesses when they shun the same government support.

At least they can now trust President Edgar Lungu’s government which has fulfilled almost all the campaign promises in the midst of low metal prices and adverse climatic conditions.

This is a man who has put up many initiatives to lessen the impact of the over-stated challenges.

Some of us thought that he will also fail to deliver a new constitution, alas he delivered it within the year, no wonder those NGOS that made a lot of noise about the document ignored the content of it and started complaining.

Now the UPND in their usual style have started lying to Zambians that government changed many things in the document, how cheap!.

President Lungu also promised that his government would pay farmers in time and he did just that. He promised to bring the solar hammer mills to reduce the price of mealie meal and the installation is going on across the country. With Edgar Lungu as President, Zambians are assured of improved living standards.

He has the heart for every Zambian including HH and Fred M’membe who insult him daily.

He is a father and leader for all Zambians. He needs our unconditional support for him to succeed in governing our country.

The opposition have no alternative plan, they have just sharpened the art of insulting and shadow boxing. Let us do the best and leave the rest to God as a people.

Enock chulu


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