Will HH live up to people’s expectations?


Dear Editor

“I will lead this nations with Gods guidance”. These are campaign promises made by HH, leader of opposition UPND and aspiring republican president.

The million dollar question is will HH live according to his words, should a miracle happen, and he is elected president?

Not long ago the three church mother bodies organised a meeting with all political parties to denounce violence and hate speech among others before, during and after august elections.

HH was one of them that attended this important meeting but of late GBM, his right hand man has been issuing threats and using vulgar language of which his boss ,HH has remained mute.

In Chongwe at a rally in Katoba, the UPND paraded some ‘students “ to denounce the Head of State using language not fit for intellectuals in the presence of HH the man who wants to be guided by God and yet allows hate speech in his face!

That he has failed to denounce violence is evident enough to mean that he does respect what people want and I doubt if at all he will respect the republican Constitution if given chance to rule mother Zambia when he has failed to respect his own party constitution to hold a convention.

That he seeks God’s guidance now is mockery in the eyes of God because he has been breaking God’s Sabbath wilfully and willingly and yet he claims to be an Adventist!

Doesn’t he realize that God will punish law breakers? Maybe this is the reason why he has continued losing elections despite investing heavily into campaigns.

The best my brother  can do is to seek the face of God first and all these things shall be added unto him. Of what profit will he gain by becoming State president if he has no God in him?

Let him follow the commandments to the letter, then God will guide him. Good to UPND  and HH as you seek to remove PF from office using any availability means, even hate speech and violence

Chakwiya  Bornface


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