Sexually-starved woman granted divorce


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A   sexually starved woman was granted divorce by a Lusaka local court after she complained that her husband had persistently denied her conjugal rights.

And her husband Kayebo Kalimbwe, 56, a Security Guard of Kanyama compound caused laughter in court when he admitted that he was too old to satisfy her sexually.

Kalimbwe told the court that his wife wanted him to be having sex with her every time as if she was a young lady.

He was testifying in a case in which his wife, Elina Somali, 52, a business woman sued him for divorce on allegation that he did not satisfy her sexually.

However, Kalimbwe said that he still loved his wife.

The two got married in 2002 and have one child.

Somali told senior court magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with magistrates Ackim Phiri and Sarah Nyendwa at Kanyama Local Court that in 2010 when she fell sick she went to Kaoma and when she came back, she was shocked to find condoms in Kalimbwe’s shoes and that later a woman called him asking if he was going to see her.

Somali explained that in 2012 Kalimbwe stopped bathing from the matrimonial home and she later took him to Victim Support Unity.

She said in 2014 Kalimbwe was going straight to his girlfriend’s house after knocking off and that when she sued him he pleaded for forgiveness, hence she withdrew the case.

“In February this year, Kalimbwe stopped making love to me after he started working double shifts. He would say that he was tired. I found condoms again in his trousers which he said he picked from work.

“Kalimbwe just made love to me twice in April. The other time he wanted to make love, I refused and I asked him if he was not tired,” said Somali.

In defence, Kalimbwe said that he had told his wife that they were now old and could only manage to make love once after a while.

Kalimbwe explained that the first condoms Somali found in his shoes were put there by their son after he had picked them from his work place.

Magistrate Daniel Phiri said that both Kalimbwe and Somali were not faithful to each other because Kalimbwe was found with condoms while Somali admitted having flirted with the landlord.

He granted the couple divorce without compensation but Kalimbwe was ordered to be paying child maintenance fee of K300 per month. Property acquired during the subsistence of the marriage would be shared equally between them.

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