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Dear Editor,

“A lot of reports will emanate during this period until about 11 August. My plea to Zambians is, please try to check everything that you read. Let us have a culture and try to check everything we read and ensure that we check whether its authentic or not” – Mr. Sikota Wina (Daily Nation, 19th May, 2016).

Kudos to Mr Wina for such timely and wise advice to the nation.  Your words Sir wouldn’t have come at a right time as this one now that the campaigns have kicked off and the August election is just by the corner.

I only hope HH and the UPND will take this timely advice as ‘food for thought’ as they do their campaigns.

I have singled out HH and the UPND because they are the only ones in the tendency of shouting ‘lion, lion’ even when its just a chicken. They are fond of coming out in the media with words such as ‘we heard or we have information’. Take for instance the warnings by HH to the ECZ. The man went flat out in warning ECZ that they will be responsible for what will happen to the nation if they go ahead in printing ballot papers with the Dubai company because they heard that the ECZ was colluding with the PF to conduct fraudulent elections.

Or when he misinformed the nation that government had exported all the maize at US$200 per tonne and was now re-importing at US$500 per tonne.

Also the pastor turned politician, Nevers Mumba had a share of dishing out alarming statements.

He told the nation that politicians were involved in the recent suspected ritual killings.

Despite warnings from the IG of police, the man maintained his stance. With the campaigns now on, I only hope our politicians will watch the type of information they will be feeding the nation.

God bless our Nation Zambia. Troy Mukupa

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